trinajoe's last mock

this is based on no trades(I know thats unlikely but I'm not going to try and predict trades)

Please leave feedback. and if u ask, i can look at yours and leave feedback for yours.

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Wow, this is one of the best

Wow, this is one of the best mocks I've seen. I agree with every pick. I just dont know about Detroit. They want Cousins or Monroe, but both are likely gone by #7, which leads me to believe that they will trade up to get one of them, but I haven't seen any trades yet. Hopefully one will happen soon. Both of our mocks look very similar.

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thanks, thats why i put

thanks, thats why i put without trades, they r too unpredictable and i dont specialize in following rumors so i just put players where i thought they would fit best and with detroit i figured if monroe and cousins are gone they may go potential and davis is a decent defender.

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