Trey Tompkins

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Trey Tompkins

I really like Trey as a prospect and believe he can be a top five pick. He has a polished offensive game and has been getting better every year and is a very good rebounder. He will be more NBA ready then any other lottery pick, most likely only junior, and can contribute right away. I think Phili, Washington, Char, and even Toronto ( I was never sold on Ed Davis) could consider him with a top five pick. I don't like the Kevin Love comparison he is better offensively with his back to the basket and a slightly better athlete. I think he might be more like a Lamarcus Aldridge or less versitle Greg Monroe, those aren't perfect either. Any thoughts?

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I love him because he has a

I love him because he has a lot of skill, but he isn't the greatest athlete which might limit him on defense. I love his offense however. He's kinda a Elton Brand/Paul Millsap mix.

He definetly is NBA ready, I just want to see how he defends NBA 4's.

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David West is my comparison

David West is my comparison for Thompkins.

Thompkins can face up and score from about as far as 22 feet (although he's not consistent from that deep), and he possesses the ability to score with his back to the basket. The most underrated aspect of his game is his passing ability, which are simply very good. The modified triangle offense UGA runs under Coach Fox uses him much the same way the Lakers use Pau Gasol. Thompkins needs to work on his handle a little more to take advantage of guys off the dribble, and he should improve on the glass, were he is merely decent but has the potential to be a 10 rpg guy. I like Thompkins as a prospect, and he is a good character guy as well. I'd take him in the lottery, and it'd be tragic if he fell out of the teens.

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