trey burke

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trey burke

i have cody zeller in my top 7 since it seems he continues to get high feedback from his workouts. in my mock; i have len, oladipo, noel, zeller, mclemore, porter and then bennett.

if detroit goes will carter-williams due to his size and pairing with knight, does burke fall all the way to utah? and what are the chances of that happening?

i mean minny, portland, philly and okc have no need for a pg. dallas sits at 13, but they are all over the place and strong indications are they are going to draft a euro (insider today reported an interest in schroeder). i think that would be a real steal for utah and a good fit for burke to start.

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Dallas doesn't pass up on

Dallas doesn't pass up on Burke if he falls, but they know he won't fall that far that's why they'd be leaning towards a Euro player or most likely trading the pick. I find it extremely unlikely no one trades up if he starts to fall and I just don't see all those teams passing up on him.

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Wishful thinking

I don't even think Burke will be available when Detroit is up. I think either the Pelicans or Kings will select. If Utah wants a pg like Burke, then they need to select Larkin, and that would be my advice to the Jazz.

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I still have a gut feeling

I still have a gut feeling Burke will slip out of the top 10, but if he does, someone will likely trade up to stop his free fall IMO. But I do think there's a very real possibility that MCW is the first PG taken and then maybe a team like Detroit takes McCollum over Burke because they seem to be in love with McCollum.

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