Trevor Mbakwe tears ACL

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Trevor Mbakwe tears ACL

This is obviously a huge loss for the Gophers. They lose their best player and potential lottery pick for the year. Does anyone know if he can redshirt and come back next year? I know he transferred from Marquette a few years back and I was just wondering if anyone knew his situation?


Trevor Mbakwe Done for Season With Torn ACL:

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Tubby said that they are

Tubby said that they are looking into possibly allowing him to medically redshirt. However, I am pretty certain that his career with the Gophers is over. He graduates this semester, is already 23 and with all of his on-court/off-court problems, I bet he just makes himself eligible for the draft this summer.

It's too bad, he was by far the best player on the Gophers and just a beast to watch play. Without him, the Gophers are going to struggle this year.

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With him, they had a

With him, they had a legitimate shot at making it into the NCAA tourney. Without him.. they become a bubble team for the NIT. He was huge for the team and now the Gophers are going to have to rely on Ralph Sampson III.... *shudder*

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I watched Minnesota play

I watched Minnesota play against Indiana State, and they didn't look very good. Indiana State did make the tourny last year and gave Syracuse a nice little run for it, but still. Minnesota is going to struggle without him, they did a bad job getting him involved when he was healthy.

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He doesn't have much of an

He doesn't have much of an offensive arsenal but he was a big time defender/rebounder... Minnesota, which was painful to watch before his injury will now be in big time trouble.. Tubby may be good.. But not that good..

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