Trayvon Reed

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Trayvon Reed

So what do you guys think about Trayvon Reed? He is a legit 7-footer (possibly 7'1) and he is tearing it up lately, from what I've been hearing.. Very long arms, huge wingspan and quite athletic.. A real defensive presence, not very bad in offence, either.. He belongs in the class of 2014, and many schools from the south are starting to take notice of his presence (he is from Georgia).. He has also started adding bulk to his frame, in my opinion he can be very good in the college level, if he works on the right aspects of his game and focuses on getting stronger and dominating the glass.

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has a loooonnggg way to

has a loooonnggg way to go..He lives in my county. He would go multiple games without having more then 10 points and some games more fouls then points and rebounds! And this is against 6-5 dudes.

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