Trail Blazer picks (PLEASE READ)

The biggest weaknesses on the Trailblazer roster are at the 1 and 5 (pg/c).

With Matthews, Batum, and Aldridge at the 2, 3, and 4, they have scoring, defense, athleticism, and rebounding ability.

What they now need is a big with the defensive presence to anchor the squad, and an unselfish leader to distribute the rock.

I know that Andre Drummond is not necessarily a "now" pick, but I think he is exactly what this team needs. If he can be mature and coaches can drag his potential onto the court, his abilities would complement Aldridge's game. He can start fast breaks with his defense and would bring good size to the front court.

I know that the Blazers are high on Damian Lillard, but I don't think he is the best true PG in the draft. He is more of a combo guard in a PGs body. This is not to knock his potential and ability. I think that Lillard is an amazing fit to join the Hornets team who could use the scoring and leadership.

I think that the best fit for the Trailblazers will be Kendall Marshall. At the 11 spot in the draft, he will be available and he is the best true PG in this draft class.

I think that he has the potential to be a Jason Kidd type impact player. His unselfishness, size, and natural feel for the game make him a win-win choice.

He is crafty lefty who has a nice stroke and nifty unconventional moves that will allow him to score at the hoop.

His ability to run a fast break will be on display if the team can buy into it. Matthews and Batum both have the potential to be really good but just need the right PG to bring out their natural gifts.

Marshall is THE best passer/distributor in the draft and the Trailblazers have sorely missed that since sending Andre Miller to Denver.

Andre Drummond at 6, and Kendall Marshall at 11.


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i agree with you that they

i agree with you that they should take drummond if available. guys with skill that stand 6 11 with 280 pounds of muscle are pretty rare. it would seem silly to pass on him for a point guard that has never played against high level competition.

that being said drummond will probably be gone by the 6th pick. the kings will take him and trade him IMO and MKG will slide to 7th. would the trail blazers be willing to trade their two picks for drummond? ive heard houston may trade lowry and the 14th. they might be better off taking lillard at 6th and seeing who slides for their second pick or reaching for zeller.

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The Houston Rockets may owe

The Houston Rockets may owe the Atlanta Hawks a first-rounder, but it’s lottery protected and the Rockets do not project to be a playoff team this coming season.

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''We have a lot of young

''We have a lot of young pieces that have the potential to be really, really good. I felt like seeing Damian in person and playing with him was big for me,'' Aldridge said. ''I want to start building that chemistry.'

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