Trading Ginobili

Is it time to trade Manu? He's cost us two championships now coz he's been injured for long stretches (and in the playoffs). Is it time or should we go for another run with the big three of duncan, ginobili and parker?

Any trades you have in mind?

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Well certainly Manu's

Well certainly Manu's absence was the glaring weakness with this years first round exit. No doubt about it. I wouldnt put the blame squarely on him though. The Spurs are getting a little long in the tooth. I don't think we can survive with the midlevel exception anymore. The Spurs need a legit big man opposite Timmy. I don't know why they have gone away from the twin tower mentality.

Manu would garner a lot of attention. I don't think we would get enough of a return though. The same reason why we would trade him, would be the same reason a team wouldn't want to trade for him. He's injury prone.

I would say deal Parker. Hill, Mason & Manu all can handle the ball. He' s more of a scoring point than anything. He's are most attractive piece, I think we could a veteran, expiring contracts and a high draft choice.

That being said I think no significant trades happen and we ride the 3 til Duncan retires.

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if anything...

i would dangle manu in fron tof a young team looking to get experience. like a minnesota or a charlotte. teams like that could use some good experience. maybe get a pick or two in return. the almost-dynasty is over. cut your losses and move on. parker and td are still getting the job done in that san antonio style. if manu is healthy this is a great team, thats a big IF tho. i say move on

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Whatever the Spurs do, they need some youth and energy. They have little to no athleticism. As long as Matt Bonner is starting the Spurs have no chance at being successful. The Spurs are way too old. I would say trading Parker would be a mistake. If they can get rid of Manu for some young blood, then i say go for it.

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They need....

They need youth, athleticism, and two big men so one can replace Duncan in a couple of years. They also need excitement. I live in San Antonio and i hate watchin the Spurs play because there a super boring team. They need someone who could get above the rim. I also don't like the fact they draft all these international players. I know we win with them but that probably what makes them so boring. They just need alot of work.

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add Hedo to be the 3 man, and get Rasheed Wallace to be the Center, then add young players to come off the bench


thats a stud starting 5, even though most are past prime, as long as they add youth to the bench they could seriously win another title or two with that 5 and a good young bench

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Projecting the cap to $62

Projecting the cap to $62 million, if the Lakers waived the rights to every single free agent, they’d have about $25 million in cap space (accounting for minimum cap holds). Retaining Bryant would take the Lakers out of free agency, at least on a major scale.

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Bryant scored over 1,600

Bryant scored over 1,600 points in the lockout shortened 2012 campaign. Over 82 games, Bryant would need to average 23.7 points to achieve the milestone this season (25.8 points over 75 games). For reference, Bryant hasn’t averaged less than 24 points per game since 2000.

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It’s certainly hard to

It’s certainly hard to imagine Spurs head coach Gregg Popovich tolerating McGrady’s lackadaisical approach to the game, and any attempt to undermine Pop would likely earn McGrady a one-way ticket out of the league.

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