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Does anyone think that there's any chance for Golden State to make a trade with Philadelphia or New Jersey to move up in the draft and take Derrick Favors? I'd include Minnesota or Sacramento as possibilities, but I think if things stand as they are, NJ will definitely take Favors.

If so, what would they have to trade to make this work?

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Minny seems a lock to trade

Minny seems a lock to trade up and get Turner. Also NJ seems like they dont know what they will do right now

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How is Minny a lock? From

How is Minny a lock? From what i have heard Philly will riot if the 76ers don't take Turner with the 2nd pick.

GSW would have to be willing to part with Ellis or Randolph or both to move up i would say.

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minny has the most pieces to

minny has the most pieces to trade up and the most trigger-happy GM

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GSW Assets

Why trade for Favours when you have randolph.

Unless you get a new coach Nellie would just screw him up to.

Randolph would be a 20/10/3/2 Guy if He had gone to a different team

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If the Wolves have a chance to snag Monta Ellis by simply moving back 2 spots, than they should definitely do that. At 6, they could than snag whoever they feel is the best wing or big available. I've made this point before, but if I was Minnesota I would be happier coming out of the draft with Ellis and 3 first rounders than I would Turner and one other first rounder (trading up for Turner would definitely mean giving up one of the 3 firsts). The 6th pick is going to be a solid player, with guys such as Monroe/Johnson/Aminu/Henry all possibly being available. Look at a potential Wolves roster, assuming they would snag Aminu at 6.

PG - Flynn
SG - Ellis
SF - Aminu
PF- Love
C - Jefferson

16th pick

Now, Aminu is just who I threw in there, but I'm assuming they trade Al/Love in the offseason so Monroe would be the better pick at 6. Either way, I believe that trading down has more value to the Wolves than trading up. If you can get a proven scorer such as Ellis, for this cheap and not lose any more picks and only 2 slots, than you do that.

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Randolph isn't bulky enough

Randolph isn't bulky enough to defend Cs, but Nellie plays him at the 5 anyway. Favors, however, is only 18, can still grow in terms of height, already has a standing reach of 9'2, and can defend the low post. Favors can be an instant Al Horford, moving Randolph to the natural 4.

Ellis is definitely available; it'd make this Steph Curry's team and get rid of that leadership conflict. If all it took was Ellis and the 6th pick to move up to the 3rd pick, GS should do it in a heartbeat.

Oh, and about the Minnesota trade--a Flynn-Ellis backcourt would be fast and entertaining, but would get killed defensively. If I were Minnesota, I wouldn't pull that trade.

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Kahn said on Lottery Night

That his team was young enough and they had more talent coming in this season and in the future (Rubio). He said he's looking forward to his players "just getting older". I doubt Minny uses all their picks...Even if it means trading for a future first rounder because there is no deal they like this season. Kahn wants to get an established vet with his cap space/picks. I'm sure he goes after Turner if its possible...If not he trades the 3 first rounders for some established talent and perhaps remedies the Jefferson/Love conundrum they have going on.

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only trade ellis for proven

only trade ellis for proven talent 25 per game last season

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Randolph and Lopez would be a

Randolph and Lopez would be a sick frontcourt and if they did this they could possibly attract LBJ and wouldn't need to spend money on Bosh.

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I found this trade idea on

I found this trade idea on This trade would give Golden State the #2 pick in the draft.

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no way in hell griz do that. the lions would have to win a superbowl for that to happen

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Anthony Randolph

I know Nellie makes some weird decisions at times, but I think too many people are believing that Randolph is better than what he is. Realistically, Nellie tends to love guys that can do a little bit of everything. GS doesn't have a good situation because they have so many bad contracts and ball hogs, but Curry managed to flourish last year despite that. No one gives Nellie any credit for that, though he gets all the blame for Randolph failing. Let's put it like this. Some guys never become what they can become. Randolph got a lot of hype because of potential and what he did in a few summer league games. All kinds of guys have tore up summer league to do nothing when it came time to play with the big boys.

Think of other guys that could have been or could be much more than what they are. With Lamar Odoms skill set, at some point he should have been a top 10 player for a good 6 to 8 year period and multiple all star. Tyrus Thomas at the very worst should be one of the most versatile defenders in the league with his ability to block shots and rebound as well as his quickness, but he might be one of the most frustrating players in the league with his inconsistency. Rashard Lewis should be more than just a big tall guys that shoots 3. So many more guys but it would take forever to list.

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i dont know about Golden

i dont know about Golden State but apparently San Antonio is extremely intrested in Favors and is being very aggresive in trying to put together a package to move up and draft him there are rumors all over the web heres a link

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