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Nets get- Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Josh Smith, Nene and JR Smith

Hornets get- Devin Harris and Damion James plus 2 NJN 1st

Nuggets get- Derrick Favors, Sasha Vujacic,Troy Murphy and Anthony Morrow plus 2 NJN 1st

Hawks get- Brook Lopez and Johan Petro

Hornets- Harris-Thorton-Ariza-West-Okafor-Belinelli-Jack-James-Mbenga

Nuggets- Billups-Afflalo-Harrington-Martin-Nene-Favors-Lawson-Morrow-Andersen

Hawks- Bibby-Johnson-Williams-Horford-Lopez-Crawford-Teague-Petro

Nets sign Earl Barron and Larry Hughes






Next Year add depth with the MLE players like Delonte West as a back up PG and Spencer Hawes will make great additions



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You read that right. I said flag. I was tempted to flag this as offensive. Not sure what else you can say about that. The Nets get the 3 best players in a 3 team deal and apparently are giving up every pick they own for the forseeable future.

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This is worse than

This is worse than Dnyce......

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Won't Work

This won't work even if they tried, look at the massive salaries the Nets are absorbing and how little they are giving away, they have to find another 10mil to get off the books or something close to that. Plus i believe Vujacic can't be traded with another player involved in the deal??

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Okay might as well throw my crazy trade out there too.....

Why GSW does it: They will gain a big arse pay role but they really need a lockdown defender and a SF and Cmaby gives them nice inside defense and can help mentor Udoh.

Why CHA does it: They have no cap flexibility any time soon and are struggling, usually that means a nuke. Jackson said the team was awful on all levels and even Wallace was pointing fingers. They need a center of the future and cap flexibility so trade Diop's contract and getting Biedrins is smart. Wright gives them someone with potential AND a expiring contract and Gadzuric gives them a 7.2 mil in cap space. Give or take a GSW 1st rounder here

Why Sactown does it: On RealGM and on Hoopsworld they said Carl Landry is basically a goner in Sactown either at the deadline or free agency and Thompson is apparently gettable. They are the worst outside shooting team in the NBA and have no legit threats out there, thats why Rudy for Thompson makes sense while Landry for Joel is about cap space. No matter what they'll lose one of them in the offseason but Joel gives them more extra money. \

Why POR does it: They are willing to break up a injury plagued team going down hill, getting young guys like Thompson and Landry for a disgruntled Rudy and aging/injured Camby. Joel also is old/injured and would be part of getting Landry and Thompson

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@torontoraptors 10 Exactly

@torontoraptors 10

Exactly what I was thinking.

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In what world is Delonte West

In what world is Delonte West worth the mid level exception.

Ha thats probably the only thing on that post that might actually make sense.

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I almost had a seizure when I

I almost had a seizure when I read this.

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This is insane. So basically

This is insane. So basically the starting nugget players are not all in New Jersey? LOLOLOLOL

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LOL I don't think so

LOL I don't think so

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