Trade Rumors. Thabeet or Rubio?

There has been speculation of the Wolves moving up to the 5th or the 2nd pick.
Both stories I have heard is for Thabeet and/or Rubio. Personally I like Rubio a lot. After watching him in the Olympics, holding his own against CP3, D-wade and even Kobe, I am convinced he well have no problem in the NBA (He was only 17)
However Thabeet would give the Wolves the best front court in the league for the next 5-8 years. Should be pretty easy to build around Thabeet, Jefferson, and Love.
Which scenario do think would be better, and do you see them pulling a deal like this off?

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I think Thabeet will be the best move for the Wolves but who would they give up? I agree that if they had Thabeet, Jefferson and Love they'll have a young and talented front court for the next 5-8 years. I don't think drafting Rubio is such a smart move because there is so many point guards in this draft and if anything, he's only better than the rest by a bit. You have Jenning, Flynn, Curry, Holiday, Teague, Lawson, Maynor, Holiday, Evans, Mills, Rice, Collension and many more. I know one of them is going to be the Rodney Stuckey who gets drafted later but produces more. There is always that one point guard who does that. Taking Thabeet is the best bet and getting a point guard late would be better. Heck, they have 5 picks, they can draft 3 points guards if needed. I'm sure they don't want another SG/SF when they have, Foye, Mill, Brewer, Gomes, and Cardney coming back.

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