Trade Idea (SAS UTA)

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Trade Idea (SAS UTA)

San Antonio sends Stephen Jackson(expiring contract) and a protected first rounder
for Marvin Williams and Enes Kanter.

Why SAS? Enes Kanter would be San Antonio's Future Big who can learn behind Duncan and maybe Coach Pop could help Marvin Williams to play better.
Why Utah? Utah would get rid Marvin Williams contract and replace it with an expiring contract in SJAX. This would give them even more cap room for FA.

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Enes Kanter was just the 3rd

Enes Kanter was just the 3rd pick in the draft, is only 20 years old, and in limited playing time has already shown that his potential is ENORMOUS!

I reckon that the Jazz wouldn't do this trade if Duncan himself was thrown in because it would set their franchise back years and the trade wouldn't bring them any where near a title.

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