Trade Idea (PHI,PHX,POR)

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Trade Idea (PHI,PHX,POR)
+ Boston's 2nd from Portland goes to Phx
Portland Get a true starting Center in Marcin Gortat and a 6th man in Shannon brown. this also opens up roster spots.

Philly gets J.J Hickson to start at the 5 until Bynum is healthy and then he can move to the bench and cover the 4/5 positions. Hopefully Nolan Smith would get time and prove he can be a back up to Jrue and not a undersized 2. Sasha Pavlovic and Jared Jeffries are just to a depth to philly.

Phoenix gets Spencer Hawes and Dorell Wright. Wright takes Mike Beasley's minutes. Spencer Spaces the floor. Wright is an expiring contract as well which would help create cap space for FA. I'm not sure how trade machine gives them +2 wins after this trade. Elliot Williams could be their future 2Guard. He has had multiple injuries but Phx training staff work wonders.

PDX line up
Starters: D.Lillard-W.Matthews-N.Batum-L.Aldridge-M.Gortat

PHI line up
Starters: J.Holiday-J.Richardson-E.Turner-T.Young-A.Bynum
Bench: N.Smith-N.Young-JJ.Hickson-K.Brown

PHX line up
Starters: G.Dragic-J.Dudley-D.Wright-L.Scola-S.Hawes
Bench: S.Telfair-PJ.Tucker-M.Beasley-M.Morris-J.O'Neal


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was wrong trade
this is the one with Elliot Williams

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I like the aldridge/gortat

I like the aldridge/gortat combo a lot. Not a lot really Changes for philly but i think Hickson is a good fit. Phoenix doesnt get that much better if better at all.

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yes for portland, no for the other two

Portland- yes- gives up junk to get a decent centre- they'd be happy, even with JJ Hickson playing as well as he is

Philly- no- they're giving up 2 decent rotation players and getting 1 back (Hickson)

Phoenix- no- they're giving up the best player in the deal by far, and that's always a bad idea. I'm not pulling the trigger on this one unless I get Thad Young and Wes Matthews back...i'm not kidding. Gortat is a piece to build around- No, I don't think he's worth that much, but he's definately not worth trading for less

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This is a horrible deal for

This is a horrible deal for the Sixers. If they don't have Wright they have absolutely zero SFs on the roster. Thad Young was once considered an SF but he always played more mins at PF and this year is starting at PF. The Sixers would be forced to play Damian Wilkins 20+ minutes a game which is not a recipe for success for any team.

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I couldn't see this trade going down, as Phoenix would lose a lot in Gortat. Also, Shannon Brown is a good player off of the bench for the Suns, and giving up those two to bring in Spencer Hawes and Dorrell Wright? Gortat is better than Hawes, and Wright is not a starting-calibur small forward, but more of a scoring threat off of the bench.

Portland would love it, Philly would be neutral, and Phoenix would lose too much.

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