Trade Idea (Phi-Tor-LAL)

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Trade Idea (Phi-Tor-LAL)

First, hello everyone, it's nice to find a basketball-centered forum with like-minded people.

Anyway, let me know what you think of my trade idea.


Raptors get:
Thad Young
Dorell Wright

76ers get:
Pau Gasol
Ed Davis
Earl Clark
LA's two 2012 second-round picks
Toronto's 2015 first-round pick

Lakers get:
Andrea Bargnani
Jason Richardson
Arnett Moultrie


Raps receive a solid starter in Thad Young and, in Dorell Wright, someone who can provide off the bench. Wright gets a chance to redeem himself, and Young can play more minutes at PF, where he is statistically best. The Raps manage to shed Bargnani, save a bit on salaries, and, in Wright, they have an expiring contract.

76ers receive their all-star center Pau Gasol, freeing him from an ill-fitting rotation in LA, and moving him full-time to center. If Philly does intend to cut ties with Bynum at the end of the season, this trade allows them to do so, be it via trade or allowing him to leave at the end of the season. Ed Davis provides a mobile young big man with potential for growth. Clark and DJO are stop-gap positional solutions who could be given a chance to develop into players without long-term commitment. The draft picks give Philly development opportunities through the draft, as well as potential replacement opportunities for Clark and DJO if they are allowed to leave.

Lakers receive, in Bargnani, a floor-spacing big man who complements Howard's post play and Kobe's slashing. Jason Richardson gives them a more-than-serviceable 6th man to shore up the guard position. Moultrie provides size and athleticism off the bench, and potential for the future.

The ESPN Trade Machine has Philly losing 11 wins with this trade, but that number is considering Pau's current PER, which is suffering from LA's disorder.


Any thoughts would be appreciated, particularly constructive criticism. I think Philly is getting a bit of the short-end here, and if anyone has any suggested tweaks to even the trade out, I would appreciate it.

No bashing for the sake of bashing though please; I'm new to the forums, and this is my first shot at this sort of thing.

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For my first shot i got a lot

For my first shot i got a lot of heat, maybe that's part of the forum lol !

That isn't really really bad but i don't get the point: for example the 76ers why ?? They got a good rotation inside, Lavoy Allen is really under-evaluated but he fully gets the job done, and where do you go with Kvame Brown and Spencer Hawes ? And btw why do they want to cut ties with Bynum ? He never played a game for them !

Don't think LA wants some rookie, they want to win right now before Kobe's ending. They doesn't need a sixth man like J-Rich, lot of injuries and they got a sub-younger version in Jodie Meeks. Bargnani is inconsistent and doesn't defend, i wonder but i will maybe take Jamison over him in short-term perspective

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first time i looked at this i wasn't sure, but it seems like a trade that gets the lakers closer to where they need to be with d'antoni, and gives a lot of other people fresh starts in new locations.

100% would have to remove that 1st rounder from the deal to get anywhere close...1st rounders to a team like toronto are frickin' valuable!!!

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