Trade Idea IND-HOU-OKC

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Would OKC do this? Lambs

Would OKC do this? Lambs scoring and defensive potential is huge and he has been lighting up the DLeague. Pattersons rookie deal is also up next year

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I think we all would prefer

I think we all would prefer Lamb over Stephenson, but Bird has invested a lot into him being their future SG. I think he will stick with him, unless he could get a bonafied star. If Granger is moved, they'll want a PF or PG, preferably somone that can step in right now. No more projects. Also- With so many teams playing small ball, I dont see an issue with Indy starting both George and Granger at the forward spots, since big Hibbert is in the middle. They'll at the least see how this works out for the end of the year, then decide on exploring deals for him. A team like the Clippers would be in a better position to absorb Granger's contract during the offseason when Paul/Odom/Billups contracts expire. I can see a Granger-Bledsoe swap then.

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Oklahoma are marginalizing

Oklahoma are marginalizing lamb (and Jones), Lamb could be considered for ROY, but instead are playing four minutes ..., Martin is interested in renewing with OKC, Lamb could be a star if you put a vested interest, but in OKC can never be, in conclusion to play four minutes it passed on to a team that if you give a good use (like Jones)

Oklahoma City

PG Russell Westbrook
SG Thabo Safolosha
SF Kevin Durant
PF Serge Ibaka
C Kendrick Perkins

6 Kevin Martin
7 Patrick Patterson

Indiana Pacers

PG: Lance Stephenson
SG Jeremy Lamb
SF Paul George
PF David West
C Roy Hibbert

6 George Hill
7 Tyler Hansbrough
8 Gerald Green
9 Carlos Delfino
10 Terrence Jones
11 DJ Augustin
12 Ian Mahinmi

Houston Rockets

PG Jeremi Lin
SG James Harden
SF Chandler Parsons
PF Danny Granger
C Omer Asik

6 Marcus Morris
7 Toney Douglas
8 Greg Smith
9 Donatas Motiejunas

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Trade +'s &-'s

+'s for Pacers- Lamb isn't just a scorer he is also defensive minded and athletic,
The Teams bench also gets very deep the could put a whole new 5 coming off the bench and still play very well

+'s for Rockets- Granger helps a lot

-'s for OKC- Patterson brings nothing to help the team by loosing Lamb hurts SG slot because he will be a true starter in the NBA

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