Trade Idea between Sacramento and Miami

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Trade Idea between Sacramento and Miami

Here is a ridiculous trade idea that i know won't happen, but i just wanted to see your thoughts.

My idea:

Sacramento acquires Chris Bosh because they seriously need some experience, and some star power. He could be an instant upgrade from Jason Thompson who could play back up to Bosh at the 4. Sacramento then would select Shabazz Muhammad in the draft, an instant impact Small Forward who can come in straight away in the starting position. Isaiah Thomas then moves down to 6th man with Norris Cole becoming the starting point guard and Tyreke Evans moving to the 2. They would then need to select a center with their second round pick, they could take someone like Jeff Withey if he falls that far in the second round who could come in and play the starting role. And if you couldnt pick up a decent Center, you could look at a small line up of Bosh playing at the 5, and patterson coming in to the starting line up at the 4. But you would be looking at a very talented, decent, young line up with still a touch of experience in:

PG: Norris Cole
SG: Tyreke Evans
SF: Shabazz Muhammad
PF: Chris Bosh
C: Jeff Withey

6th Man: Isaiah Thomas


Marcus Thornton
Jason Thompson
Toney Douglas
Patrick Patterson
Cole Aldrich
James Johnson

Miami then gets Demarcus Cousins, some needed strength down low who will bring, Scoring, Rebounding, Defense and a lot of talent. I know they will then lack strength at the 4 with UD and Battier still playing there, but they could pick up a decent free agent, who doesnt have to be that great if they already have DMC down low to do the majority of the scoring and rebounding. Just anyone will be an instant upgrade from who they currently have. John Salmons comes over so he can play some back up minutes at Small Forward if LeBron needs a break, or if they are looking to go small and lebron drops down the 4, Salmons isn't great, but he is a streaky shooter and could bring some added three point shooting. Fredette also comes in as a three point shooter, because, if Ray Allen doesnt sign another contract, or even retires, you could see some scoring off the bench deteriorate for the Heat, this is where Fredette can instantly help. They dont need him to come on for long at all, he doesnt need to do any ball handling, he can just spot up shoot, which quite frankly, he is one of the best at in the league. He could slot in nicely coming off the bench for about 15-20 minutes a game, and adds another three point shooting threat. Also, Fredette could develop into a good player and earn a much bigger role on the side in years to come. But we still assume Allen stays on. A The lineup you would be looking at would be:

PG: Mario Chalmers
SG: Dwyane Wade
SF: LeBron James
PF: Udonis Haslem (Or free agent upgrade)
C: Demarcus Cousins

6th Man: Ray Allen


Mike Miller
Jimmer Fredette
John Salmons
Shane Battier
Chris Andersen (if he signs on)
Rashard Lewis

What do you guys think? I know this is a bit ridiculous but i thought i would just throw this idea out there!

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Lol one bad game and whole

Lol one bad game and whole world wants to trade Bosh. We as fans have become the masters of panicking.

I hate you ESPN.

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While I agree...

Bosh IS averaging like 4.5 rebounds per game so far in the 8 games against Indiana and San Antonio.

Would you rather judge him by meaningless regular season games, or when it matters in the playoffs?

At this point, all Miami is about is 'chips. They could care less what happens in November. But you better bring it in June though.

If he bounces back and starts actually trying to rebound? Great, I'm sure at that point you will see a lot of "Good for CB. He really needed this kind of game." But we all evaluate based on what we see, and so far when it has mattered, we haven't seen any effort to help rebound.

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While I agree about the

While I agree about the masters of panicking bad game? He's been horrible when it counts these playoffs.

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I really dont think Cousin's

I really dont think Cousin's would fit in with the Heat he is too dominant of a personailty and too immature this right now to take play with James and Wade. If a trade like this were to go through I could see countless chemistry problems. Bosh Wade and James all get along why not keep them together at least one more year....they might be on their way to winning their second consecutive champ....if tony parker doesnt stop them.

The Kings need a pure PG not another combo guard. I do think htis would revive Fredette's career as I feel he would fit perfectly on the heat to spread the floor.

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"too dominant of a

"too dominant of a personailty and too immature"

Sounds like a good fit to me, since you just described almost the entire Heat roster.

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Never going to happen is right

I don't know why everyone keeps doing these, Cousins isn't being traded. As someone who knows Jimmer and his family, I would love to see him moved, though, lol.

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Enough Cousins trade ideas...

Enough Cousins trade ideas...

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While Cousins is a headache, I don't see him being enough of a headache to trade for a guy that makes 3-4 times as much money, years older and doesn't have any upside.

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If any of the Big 3 should be

If any of the Big 3 should be moved, it's Wade.

But not keeping a guy like Moultrie around was a gaffe by the Heat.

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Cousins won't fit in with the Heat

There is NO way cousins fits in with the Heat both mentally and as a player. Heat doesn't need a back to the basket center, it will clog the lane for lebron/wade. What they need is an inside outside front court player, who plays inside sometimes to relieve the offensive load on Lebron. Cousins does bring rebounding, but he would clog the middle and slow the pace for the Heat.

Also, if you think that Cousins is capable of handling the pressure of a perennial championship contender your nuts!

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woohhh slow down

Cousins bringing defense? Slow down young fellah. You almost got me there

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Honestly this trade would

Honestly this trade would improve the Kings big time. Norris Cole is a leader, really athletic, lights out shooter and a great defender if given the opportunity he can become a solid NBA point guard. Tyreke Evans is a guard not a forward, so by putting him at sg he can be a lot more dangerous then at sf. Bosh can go back to scoring around 18-22 points per game and 8-10 rebounds. Shabazz Muhammad would have a defined role as being a scorer on this team and get a chance to adjust to the pace of the league. Off the bench Thomas and Thornton can provide quality depth along with Thompson and Patterson.
As for the heat they get a dominate big man who has the talent to be the best center in the league if he gets his head on straight, he can spread the floor up to 18-19 feet with his mid range, really good rebounder, gets blocks, provides toughness, and the biggest factor he provided low post scoring which the Heat lack.
This trade would benefit both teams but its highly unlikely.

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I have to admit this makes

I have to admit this makes some sense but honestly I don't think Bosh is someone who is a player the Kings will target. And maybe someone like LBJ can bring Cousins back to earth (was he ever humble or any kind of mature?) I think the opposite will happen and Cousins ego will only clash more if he is not getting it done. All the spotlight won't help him imo.

Very unlikely this will happen but I have seen 13 Cousins trade scenarios beeing much worse here. Like the idea of Cole beeing a starter somewhere.

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Whoever came up with that

Whoever came up with that trade idea needs to stop smoking that Miami hash and focus more on finding a job.

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He plays way to erratically to start honestly the kings should go for a vet pg or player if they do trade cb wouldnt get them very far in the west as the star he needs some one who pulls big into the paint so he can get his money the 18 ft jumper..we also see how stand-backish bosh can be so draft a facilitator and not a ball hog?

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the Heat just need a big body

the Heat just need a big body who can bang and grab boards for Cheap, they should have held on to f'ing Arnett Moultrie

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I don't see why Kings trade

I don't see why Kings trade their best player for a reverse PG and Chris Bosh, who's a respectable big man but we may not know if he's able to produce like he did in Toronto, even if he did, would it be something the Kings need? Kings need a whole new direction, get a real franchise player to build around.

I'm not even sure if Bosh or Cousins are those type of guys.

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Bosh is struggling right now

Bosh is struggling right now but he is still one of the better power forwards in the league. He isn't the toughest guy inside and is often forced to guard opposing centers most of the game because Miami doesn't have a center.

Miami would probably be better off with an elite center to gobble up rebounds and also post up which is something nobody on the team besides James and Wade does. It would create more space for shooters like Allen, Chalmers, Miller and Battier and also allow LeBron to play the 4 more often.

It is always interesting to propose a trade after game 1 of the NBA finals. I would at least wait until the season concludes before you start throwing ideas around. San Antonio had only 4 turnovers, 21 2nd chance points, held LeBron under 20 and still needed a Tony Parker bank shot to ice the game. I have a feeling the Heat are going to come out strong in game 2. They have to because if they lose the series is all but over.

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Dumb Trade

Cole is overrated. He'd be a 3rd string point guard in any team with better depth than the Heat. Heat have NO froncourt depth besides Anderson, and he'll probably be gone after this year. DeMarcus isn't really a defensive player, he's more of a ballhog offensive player. He's good, but I doubt the Kings will trade Cousins ( who has the potential to be the best big man in the league ) for a 29-year-old Bosh and a Point Guard with a small outside shot. These Heat trade ideas are stupid.

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