Trade Idea

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Trade Idea

Timberwolves Get: Afflalo; Magic 1st Round Pick (Top 3 Protected)

Magic Get: Kevin Love

TWolves aren't going to win with Love, so they may as well roll the dice and get a star-studded player from this year's draft. Of course, the Magic will not trade away a top 3 pick, so let's just say this year's pick is top 3 protected. Afflalo is the price to pay for a top 3 protected. He's playing great this year, but it's time to let Dipo take over. And they will add arguably the best PF to the line-up. Starting Line Up

Nelson, Dipo, Harkless, Love, Vuvecic (Harris comes off bench).

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The best subject line ever......

"Trade Idea"

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It might be time to trade KLove, but...

why would they take a 1st Rounder and Afflalo? The Magic are 6-15; add Love to the mix and they get better, am I wrong? Orlando is only a few games out of the playoffs (crazy, I know). It's conceivable that if this trade goes down they'll actually makes the playoffs. So, as far as what the Wolves get out of this trade, it'll probably look like this: Aaron Afflalo and someone like Jerami Grant for Glenn Robinson for Kevin Love.

Your trade favors Orlando.

I will admit though, that Afflalo would be a great fit for the wolves because he's a two-way player, something they're desperate for.

You could ADD more players in the trade to create more equal value. However, I don't believe Orlando would be interested in dealing their assets to acquire Love. Players like Harris, Vucevic, and Oladipo appear to be OFF LIMITS. But for the sake of FAKE TRADE IDEA, let's just say they are available. Now we're cooking, Don.

More players added:

Vucevic, Afflalo, 1st rounder FOR Love and Pekovic---Fair value, but Orlando probably doesn't do this.

Harris, Afflalo, 1st rounder FOR Love, Brewer, and Cunningham---Once again, more balanced, but NO

Oladipo, Afflalo, 1st rounder FOR Love and Martin---Love is best player in trade, but Oladipo is a cornerstone.

Overall, I applaud your effort. However, I don't believe Orlando would be willing to part with the players (Oladipo, Harris, Vucevic) that Minnesota would want in exchange for KLove.

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I think if the Wolves ever

I think if the Wolves ever trade Love then it would be around the draft..... not at the trade deadline where they would get back pennies on the dollar. The OPs post is ridiculous, but if a team around the draft wanted to package a high pick or something then the Wolves would have to at least consider it. What if the Nuggets end up with the 5th pick in the draft from the Knicks and they offer Faried and the pick for Love? Or the same situation with the Cavs. 4th or 5th + Thompson for Love? I know Affalo is having a career year, but you aren't getting Kevin Love for him guys.

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To the original poster, I

To the original poster, I think it's rather redundant to acquire afflalo for the wolves. Minny just acquired a SG in Martin in the off season, hes putting up comparable numbers to afflalo, plus you have brewer and budinger who are also gaurd/forwards can handle time at the 2-3 spots if required. I do prefer Afflalo to Martin personally but I think you'd need to get back a little more for love than Afflalo and a first round pick. Don't see this making Minny any better so I doubt they would do that.

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Hey Don_Krypt. Greg Monroe

Hey Don_Krypt.

Greg Monroe hasn't signed an extension with the Pistons so he will be a free agent. Do you think the pistons might try and trade him ? If so, for who ?

Cleveland for Thompson and Andy V

Minny with Stuckey for K-Love.

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Don't ask him for advice,

Don't ask him for advice, he'd probably say Monroe for Ish Smith.

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