Trade idea.

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Trade idea.

Espn today was talking about what the Bulls need to do for next year and it got me thinking of ideas. The best I could come up with is this.

Bulls and Bucks pull a trade that sends the Bulls Monta Ellis and Deng to the Bucks.

First off they both have the same amount of years left on their deals. 2

They make about the same money Ellis 11 million. Deng 13 million.

They both have players that fill spots left by them. Redick can start at SG. Jimmy Butler at SF.

Trade helps the Bucks by getting Deng. They can move Moute to the bench. And start Jennings, Redick, Deng, Ilyasova and Sanders. Plus Deng still plays D but also gives you the scoring that Moute lacks.

Trade for Bulls adds Ellis the scorer that Rose needs to help so its not always on him every night. Ellis isn't know for his D, but I feel being on a team that plays as hard as the Bulls do you can only fall in line. Or the locker room will let you know about it. Starting 5 looking like Rose, Ellis, Butler, Boozer and Noah.

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Monta Ellis is a horrible fit

Monta Ellis is a horrible fit for the Bulls, not only is he horrible defensively, he has horrible chemistry with teammates, and likes to be ball-dominant which would completely throw off Rose's game. Deng is a great fit for the bulls and there's no reason for them to get rid of him.

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I disagree with you both.

I disagree with you both. Ellis is definitely not a good fit, as he is too ball dominate and is useless without the ball as well not a good defender. Rose does need a running mate but someone who can play off the ball, but can handle the rock and run the offense when needed. Not sure who off the top of my head fits the bill that they can really pursue. I think Mayo is an option, but I'm sure he'll demand more money than Chicago can afford. Although also not a good defender, I'll like to see Belineli next to Rose.
As far as keeping Deng, Chicago needs to do something. Unless they fill the whole at the 2 by getting very lucky in the draft, they need to attempt a shakeup in hopes of improving. Deng, may be the one they gamble for such risk. Two potential trades off the top of my head, sign and trade Mayo for Deng. Dallas should love the thought of adding Deng. I don't see them being able to bring in Paul or Howard with their cap space anyhow. Rose-Mayo-Butler-Boozer-Noah.

Trade 2
Kings receive- Deng, Hamilton
Bulls receive Thornton, Salmons, Hayes, Kings '13 lotto pick

Kings should rather a hard working vet vs another rookie. And with their sale coming pending, cuts salary. Deng and Hamilton contracts expire next season and Hamilton can be bought out this summer.

Bulls get a scorer and shooter next to Rose, as well as depth at sf in Salmons and center in Hayes. They also get Kings lotto pick grab the bpa outside pg, thinking a long-term sg like Pope or even Muhammad. Another plus, they bring in 21 million dollars of contracts that expires at the same time as Boozer's deal. That's 35 million dropping off at the same time, couldhave them in position to be players that offseason as well.

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