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Trade Idea

I'm hopping on the bandwagon of fans that are posting trades to this site. Most of the trades recently seem to be involving KG, but I don't think the Celtics will make any major moves, so I'm going to post a KG-less trade idea. The last time I posted a trade idea, it received good reception, but most of the time, when fans come up with trade ideas they are far fetched, but here it goes anyway.

Atlanta - I don't think Josh Smith is going to return to Atlanta. I'm sure someone will give him close to the max if not the max deal, and another team could offer a better situation to win. So Atlanta would do this deal so they can have a short-term replacement at SF in Marion for a year and a half, they get $7.8 million in expiring contracts this season, they get 2012 draft pick Jared Cunningham, and they would also receive draft picks to compensate for the loss of Josh Smith.

Phoenix - I think Phoenix would be all over this trade. Sure they lose Dragic, but I view him more as a 6th man on a good team rather than a starter. They also lose Wes Johnson, but their not even playing him so they wouldn't care too much. They would also have to chip in a draft pick(s) to Atlanta, but I don't see why Phoenix wouldn't do that to bring Josh Smith in.

Indiana - Indiana would be giving up Granger who will be 30 in April, and has yet to play this season. With the emergence of Paul George, Granger has become expendable. Indiana would add more experience at the guard position with Dragic and Carter, which is something Indiana could use.

Dallas - Everyday we see the headline of the Lakers in 'must-win situation' because they've fallen too far behind. But Dallas is even further back than the Lakers. They would do this deal because they only give up a 34 year old Marion, a 36 year old Carter, and an unproven Cunningham. This would be a move for next season, as Dallas would have a core of Mayo-Granger-Nowitzki-LottoPick as well as approximately $20 million in payroll coming off the books this offseason.

There are obviously some questions involved with this deal. Mostly with the contract extension for Smith and injury issues with Granger. But I don't see why Dallas wouldn't take a chance on Granger in exchange for two players that are getting old. The draft picks may also be an issue that needs to be resolved, but unless Smith commits to a contract extension, I don't think Phoenix could get too many valuable picks.


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Hawks would need more in

Hawks would need more in return. None of those guys seem to fit into their future and Jonson and Cunningham might not even be in the leaguge in 2-3 years.

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Do you really expect the

Do you really expect the Hawks to shop Smoove for nothing? He'll be unrestricted so if they're going to deal him they'll look to get some young talent or picks back at least.

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