Trade Idea

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Trade Idea

Welp here goes nothing.

I decided to put my GM hat on, and came up with 4 team trade including Indiana, Los Angeles Clippers, Atlanta, and Charlotte. It's a doozy, and won't happen but hey I like to live in a fantasy world anyways.

I would also compensate Atlanta and Charlotte with some picks for the Pacers and Clippers to sweeten the deal.

So my reasoning for each team.

They get Bledsoe who is an upgrade over Hill in the long-term and adds to the Pacers strong defense. He and Paul George will be a nightmare for teams in transition.

They move Granger who seems to be the odd-man out, and add Ben Gordon who has the same contract and gives them a shooter who has played big playoff games before.

Danny Granger gives them a good scorer that will improve their half-court offense, and will be a great fit with CP3. They get Hill a similar player to Bledsoe, who is under contract for a while in case Paul leaves, and is versitle enough to play both back-court spots.

Odom is dead weight, so loosing him is no biggie, and Butler has to be moved to make this deal work for salary reasons, plus Clippers would need to move a SF with Granger coming in.

First off, they would get some future picks to make this deal a lot better for them. Basically Smith is gone at the end of the year and they need to get something for him. Picks from the lowly Bobcats could be very helpful in a few years.

Gerald Henderson is a nice player, Butler is a solid veteran who can help them for this year and next, and Thompkins is an interesting young player. Odom is worthless, but his contract is up after this season, so they clear some cap.

Their front-court is terrible. Josh Smith an all-star caliber they can add to Kemba and MKG to build around for a while. Granted Smith is a F/A at the end of the year, but I think the Bobcats will throw big cash at him and Smith would likely then return. This is the type of move they need to make to improve themselves. Giving up their pick this year wouldn't be a big loss since it's a weak class.

So yea, this wouldn't happen, Hawks prolly would need more and Bobcats might not want to pursue Smith if he doesn't return. But I like it for the Pacers and Clippers.

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I love this trade for Indy

I love this trade for Indy and nobody else.

So they should do it. Sorry, other teams.

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I think the Bobats are the only team that would do this trade...that's hard to do

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