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Trade Idea

Maybe its just me but looking at both the Knicks and Nets struggles this year and how they can improve going forward. I think they need to think about the possibility of swapping Stoudemire for Williams. The Nets get the star they want for the move to Brooklyn. They will have cap flexibility and a high draft pick to build a team around his strengths. The Knicks get the playmaker they desperately need. The way it looks now Williams most likely will leave after this season and the Melo/Stoudemire combo isnt working out so doesen't this make sense for both teams?

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oddly enough I was thinking a

oddly enough I was thinking a trade like this as well. It would suck to trade Amare considering he made the Knicks somewhat relevant before Melo took over the spotlight but I think it could help both teams. With that being said, the Knicks already are short/depleted at the Power Forwards and would become almost non existent for a straight up Williams/Amare swap. Maybe if Davis and someone else is added and the Knicks also got Kris Humphries and that may balance out

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Amare isn't desirable, and Nets certainly don't need Amare with Humphries. Humphries is the perfect PF for a low budget team looking to expand talent-wise because he is still relatively inexpensive 8mil vs amare 18mil.

Knicks supporting cast is garbage and Amare isn't a winner(post surgery) so they should try to get smaller but proven/effective pieces for him. If I was the Knicks GM i'd look to Clevland and try to get Sessions//Varajao/Parker/Samuels for Douglas/Amare/Fields


Sessions - Parker - Melo - Varejao - Chandler


Irving - Gibson(Fields) - Jamison - Amare - Erden

This works because Stat has been completely ineffective ever since Melo came. Knicks get defense that they need and sessions will work the offense well. Cavs are Legit now. Win/Win

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