Trade idea

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Trade idea

Monta ellis and golden states first round draft pick for Michael beasely, wesley johnson, and johhny flynn.

This would be good for golden state because they need a solid starting small foward. Michael beasely would be a decent fit. They also desperately need a good back up PG and Johnny flynn is a lot better than some of the other back up point guards in the NBA. They also get a young versatile Wesley johnson who could play the 2 and 3. At golden state he would probably be the starting 2. Over all they get two good starters and a quality back up PG for monta ellis who is going to be traded either way and a draft pick in a weak draft.

This is good for the T wolves because they need to get rid of some fowards if they wanna make the most of their draft pick and take derrick williams. They also need a SG and a true star. Monta ellis is both of those things. The starting line up for the T wolves would be rubio at 1 monta ellis at the 2 derrick williams at the 3 kevin love at the 4 and Darko at the 5. Then they could take someone like bismack biyombo to give them some defense and front court depth or they could trade the 20th pick and the pick they get from golden state for a veteran.

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