Trade Idea

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Trade Idea

`Bulls get- Andre Igoudala

Sixers get- Andrei Kirilenko and 1st from Chicago

Jazz get- Luol Deng

Bulls get a great sidekick for Rose

Sixers get- a 1st rounder and an expiring deal which allows Turner to start his era is Philly

Jazz get a solid compliment to D-Will even though his contract his big he can fit so well with the Utah system a lot better than AK47 can.

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"he can fit so well with the Utah system a lot better than AK47 can."


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I'm tired of settling....

do what it takes to get Carmelo dammit.....they can trade their draft away for 3 or 4 years for all I care it would be well worth it.....Iggy is nice but this team needs Carmelo and they will be better than the Heat and the Lakers.....

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No, as a sixers fan I would

No, as a sixers fan I would be very disapointed with this we basiclly just give away our best player for nothing.

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iggy worth more then that

totally agree bkb iggy has more trade value then that

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AK and his long wingspan is

AK and his long wingspan is what makes him very valuable to Utah. A small forward that has that big of a wingspan and is able to use it effectively on Defense, is very hard, almost impossible, to replace. Yes, Deng can provide defense, but you're not going to see Deng block 1-2 shots every night like AK can. I really think it would it be wise for the Jazz if they kept him till the end of the year, and then resign him for much cheaper. (Like say 5-7 million) and then go out and sign other players that compliment Dwill and Big Al with that extra money left over.

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umm yeahh...

AK47 hasnt been anything special in like 4 years ...but ya i def woulda gave up noah for melo...or deng and every pick they own..iggy is good be since hes not really a serious scoring threat in half court, i dont think he'd help get the bulls over the hump

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