Trade Help Please

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Trade Help Please

In a H2H Categories fanatsy league who wins this trade.

Chris Paul, and Tayshaun Prince


Dirk Nowitzki, and Chris Bosh

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close trade. dirk and bosh

close trade.

dirk and bosh should win points, rebounds, blocks, fg%

paul and prince will win assists, steals, 3's made, 3pt%

ft% is close

If it were up to me, i take dirk and bosh, but would hate giving up paul obviously. You might have to look at the rest your lineup to see if rebounds or assists is more improtant to you.

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If I lose assists and steals and won the other categories, I wouldn't be upset about it in a tought league.

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id take dirk and bosh

it is hard givin up paul in any situation but imo dirk and bosh either one are so much better than prince fantasy wise it off sits how good paul is i try n break down trades that way if im getting the over all better end of it which wiht dirk and bosh u are over paul and prince

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2 ALL STARS for 1 what you

2 ALL STARS for 1 what you waiting for that is easy plus prince is on a team thats a mess on positions you dont even know who will score who will rebound who will do anything with the PISTONS.Dirk will be dirk and bosh will get the easiest shots rebounds and everything else he does if i saw this deal i would veto no way ill let people land dirk and bosh for pretty much cp3.

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Dirk and Bosh

CP3 is a monster, no doubt about it, but last year he killed me when he was hurt, which was a good amount of games. But the reason you do it is not in fear of Chris Paul's injuries, but a mixture of Tayshaun's decline and how much you win categories considering your addition of Bosh and Dirk. I mean, the only thing you really get killed in is assists, steals basically. It is pretty lopsided, while CP3 is probably a no brainer top 5 guy, Tayshaun might not even be top 50-75 and Dirk and Bosh are both top 15-20. It is a landslide victory for the Dirk and Bosh side, and I agree that someone probably should not let this trade happen if they could help it as league manager.

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