trade garnett or ray allen or both

Maybe the Celtics should trade up in the draft by trading ray allen or kevin garnett or both. Ray Allen is good but pierce I think it really a shooting guard. Maybe they should trade up in the draft and then try to get a good small forward. They did really well without garnett in the playoffs this year. There are a few good free agent small forwards this off season.

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trade ray keep kg

i think ray allen is more expendable because he is streaky occasionally and is easier to replace...

you have to keep kg, he controls the defence and is great mentoring the young bigs

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I think your right!!!

Trade Ray Allen to move up in the draft. Go after Turkoglu or Marion this offseason. That would be key to another championship run. Signing Turkoglu would give Boston alot of flexibility on offence. Kevin Garnett is too good. There is no one to trade him for. The only way you trade him is if you can get Blake Griffin. That guy is really good and will cost you less money. If you trade Garnett and Ray Allen for Griffin and then sign Turkoglu, you are really ready for another championship run. Griffin could then be a Celtic Great.

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you dont trade garnett for

you dont trade garnett for anyone in this draft. By trading garnet for griffin we would lose everything that we have built in the past 2 years. With KG gone we would then hve to trade allen and pierce because they would not want to play in boston, then we are left in an all out rebuild. The celtics are going to have to hope that they can keep developing the youth they have Rondo, Perk, Walker, Baby and use these guys to rebuild on the fly in a few years. Trading KG is just giving up on another championshp in the next 5 years.

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i think you do trade garnett

hes old, got alot of miles on him, and hes getting injury prone. if u can get a solid player in return or a high pick, send him. but boston is always known for hanging on to players too long

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There is an artcile in about Amare and how Phoenix would like to trade him this offseason. The article goes on to say that Boston could put a package together of allen and rondo for Amare. Your thoughts?

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Chris Paul To The Celtics?

What if New Orleans, who is looking to shed salary, trades Chris Paul for Ray Allen and Rajon Rondo, then turns Ray Allen to a team in need of a perimeter scorer for next season, like the Chicago Bulls (assuming they don't resign Ben Gordon) or the Houston Rockets?

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