Trade Deadline - Thunder
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Trade Deadline - Thunder

Do the Thunder make a trade at the deadline this year? They have young assets and the Raptors first-round pick in this year's draft. Who would they go after if they did?

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Marcin Gortat would fit

Marcin Gortat would fit perfect with them

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I doubt they trade that lottery pick

Small market playing the salary cap game (cough James Harden) they would love to pick up a cheap talent in the draft. I could see them doing a small swap: Perry Jones for J. O'Neal or something similar. Gorat or Sam Dalembert would both be nice to add, but hard to get anyone to take on Perkin's contract.

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The need some type of post

The need some type of post scoring to have a chance against the Heat. No way they can out score James and company with only jumpshots. I think Phoenix will love to add Toronto's pick, and may be willing to take on Perkin's contact to do so. I say Perk plus TO pick for Gortat. Phoenix may be even willing to throw in Scola just to make it happen.

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I was suggesting Gortat for

I was suggesting Gortat for PJ3 or Jeremy Lamb. Raptors pick would be nice, Phoenix could have 3 lotto selections if they did which would be absurd and knowing Suns history we'd end up trading them all for a bag of peanuts

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