trade deadline and your fantasy teams

for those of you who play fantasy bball... who would you like to get traded so that your fantasy team improves??

i'm in 5 leagues but i really want to win 1 roto i'm in.

i'm currently in 3rd place and i'm in heavy need for some rebounds.

i recently traded for sammy d because my league is a bunch of tight asses when it comes to trading and i bought him high because of his outstanding play before the all star break. soo.. i hope he gets moved tomorrow because he's buried on the bench again playing behind sanders and played less mins than udoh in the last 2 games.

also.. as an all round player i hope bledsoe gets traded because with chris paul went down and billups was still out.. he was a beast and put up monster numbers.

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In a 20 team league(not the

In a 20 team league(not the 8th Deadly Sins one) that I really want to win, I've made a ton of questionable trades, but I'm still in 4th place and there's one more week after this before the playoffs. I feel like I'm one solid piece away, and one guy I'm trying to trade furiously is Eric Gordon, he sits out every other game and does nothing other than points. I would offer him straight up for Andre miller but that'd be too suspicious, lol.

I'm also after Kris Humphries, but the guy that has him knows his value could sky rocket in the matter of minutes.

Also been after Josh Smith for a while, but in the end I think just need one sneaky pickup for the stretch run(Mo Harkless could be that guy) and I'm good to go.

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yeah i tried to buy josh

yeah i tried to buy josh smith low when he was playing like crap in the beginning of the season with no luck. 20 team league?? damn that's crazy... and i thought my 14 team league is deep already. maybe the only difference between ours is my league has too many cats.. 14 cat with retarded ones that you can't control. we almost had technical fouls as a cat which would be the worst..

i assume your in a h2h? i have gordon as well.. its tough waiting it out especially when you know the type of #'s he can put up

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I m in a 14 team h2h keeper

I m in a 14 team h2h keeper league.I m not doing really well but i ve got lots of potential.I ve got 3 young star pgs(wall rose lillard) and some solid all around players (tyreke,farried,beal,joe johnson).The one trade i want to see is Milsap getting moved from the Jazz cause i got Favors and his production from the bench is crazy.And what's crazier is that this guy has (imo) the potential to be one of the best PFs in the game in a couple of years.So move Milsap and get a pg and let Favors blossom and give me some rebs blks and good fg% (i don't know about points but hopefully points too)

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