Trade Cousins?

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Trade Cousins?

Scott Howard-Cooper on ( is posing the question as to whether Sactown finally cut their ties with DeMarcus Cousins. Is it finally time for them to move in another direction? Or do they give him a chance?

Personally, I think he's young, in an awful environment/team for development...and he's still averaging 17-10. I'd be petrified that any trade would go down in history as 'the one where Cousins got a change of scenery and then turned into a perennial all-star'.

For me, the right road here would be the opposite- bringing more veteran help in to give Cousins some leadership and help down low. Problems I'd want to address:

- lack of veteran leadership
- Cousins 'tweener' status- the post skills of a 5, but not enough height to matchup defensively, causing a lot of foul trouble

So a big, veteran 4, who can play in the high post, provide veteran leadership and make Cousins look better? Someone who may or may not be on the trading block? And who doesn't live too far away anyway?

I'm chasing Pau Gasol.

The Kings have such a crowded backcourt they do have the pieces/picks there- unlikely Lakers would want many of them (maybe with the exceptions of Thornton/Fridette- D'Antoni can never have enough shooters), so would probably need to get a third team involved...

What are your solutions to 'The DeMarcus Cousins Problem'???

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