Trade between San Antonio-Miami

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Trade between San Antonio-Miami

Just a fun trade I'm posting that could help both sides:::

Miami would receive Tony Parker for their starting PG to fix that problem.

San Antonio would receive an experienced Power Forward in Haslem, young PG with talent, and a solid small forward, and maybe even a draft pick.

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I like it for miami not so

I like it for miami not so much SA

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you must be a heat fan

you must be a heat fan

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Are you serious? Ya trade a

Are you serious? Ya trade a top 5 point guard in his prime for a bunch of role players at best. Change your name to heatfan or something.

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No way. A trade has to work

No way. A trade has to work for BOTH teams! The 11 and 12 game swing in the record predictor obviously says this deal is horrible for the Spurs. How many years does Duncan have left? Why from S.A."s perspective does this make sense?

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Only put up trades that have a chance of working. Tony Parker will not be traded this year so any trade involving him or Duncan is an example of a trade that does not have a chance to work.

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