Trade Atl,GS,Hou,Lak

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Nice idea but

Nice Idea but I dont know if Atlanta pulls the trigger.

Horford has one of the best contracts in the NBA (12M per year for this year and the next to).

Asik contract is too expensive the next year and wont make them contenders. Besides, Al is the franchise's cornerstone and while Barnes is a very good young player and Asik is very nice defender (with underated basketball IQ) neither of them can be the best or second best player on a -real- contender...Horford can.

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Doubt Golden State would

Doubt Golden State would trade both David Lee and Harrison Barnes. Their small ball lineups are what got them through the first round last season.

Otherwise, interesting trade. I agree with just about everyone in this trade being on the block, save for Barnes.

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Nice idea but Im not sure Atl

Nice idea but Im not sure Atl or GS would do that. Maybe if Houston throws in a pick or 2.

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Its basically two trades

Its basically two trades (with LAL and HOU trading independently). If I remember correctly, someone made the point: why would Houston improve the Lakers (while getting a scrub back)?

For the rest, I don't really like GSW giving up two good players for one. They already did this in the offseason (giving up Landry and Jack in exchange for Iguodala, capwise then), and doing it again will severely affect their capspace. Now if they would be getting a good SF/SG back to replace Barnes, it might be possible.

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Rockets give up very little

Rockets give up very little to get an All-Star in Lee

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If Golden State could get

If Golden State could get anything of value for him, I think they'd move him in a heartbeat. What he does offensively is undone by how horrific he is defensively, and most insiders agree that Golden State would have moved him awhile ago if anyone was willing to take on his contract.

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For the Warriors this would

For the Warriors this would be a pretty interesting scenario. They would get a player that can do pretty much everything Lee does on offense, maybe a little bit worse (Horford is a decent passer but not as good as Lee; he's a good midrange shooter, but Lee's probably a little better), but who's a significant upgrade on D. The problem might be their bench becoming too short. They'd also give up a little bit of future and youth with Barnes, but at the same time they would get rid of Lee's contract and get some more flexibility. I don't know, it's a close one.

The trade is intriguing for the Hawks too. They're probably more likely to trade Millsap than Horford. But they would get a player with great potential, high character, not many bad habits both on and off the court in his rookie year and a rim protector that can solidify their spot as a legit third best team in the East for the next two years, with some upside, without giving up too much flexibility and cap space (Asik contract expires next year).

But I don't think Houston wants Lee at all. He's not a real stretch 4, he has a good mid range jumper, but the Rockets hate mid range shots and long 2s, it's against their philosophy, and there's no room in their system (and I'd say in any real good offense these days) for two low post players. Lee could bring some nice passing skills but since Rockets don't use much the high post and high-low post combinations there's not much use for him in their offense. And if he's not that useful on offense, you don't want Lee, because we all know he's a below average defender. Once again, this is a trade that would've looked like a no brainer for GMs until like 5-6 years ago (giving a 10+10 role player for an all star, a 20+10 and a double double machine), but now advanced stats make that 20+10 sound less impressive. Also Lee is 30 and his $15 million per year contract expires in 2016. Houston would lose lot of the flexibility that right now put them in a great position (they're a contender and they're likely to stay competitive in the next two years at least because they have only two big and long contracts). They would find themselves forced to pay the luxury tax in the next 2 years, unless they don't want to trade one between Harden or Howard. And they also have to think about Chandler Parsons' contract. I like Lee, but I think he would mess things up in Houston.

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Seriously might be the best

Seriously might be the best trade , I have seen on this site good shit

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