this is a three team trade with knicks kings blazers
knicks would get: rudy fernandez
blazers wud get beno udrih kenny thomas cash
kings wud get jared jefferies and edy curry

this might not work cap wise but gms will add players to make it work

knicks wud get an excelent fit in rudy he wud excel with thier run n gun offense they wud lose curry nd jeffries i wud keep jeffries but for his contract no way curry is to slow for the offense we run

blazers can experiment with beno to start for them kenny thomas is throw in deal ends in 1 year they wud get a few draft piks

the kings wud get to big men to help out thier front line eddy curry will help them down low and jeffries can gaurd 3's and 4's in the league

this wud b great for knicks mostly this is a "rough draft" version of this trade can some1 finish it up with espn trade thing ight peace

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I dont like it. It makes no

I dont like it. It makes no sense. Nobody wants Curry or Jeffries. They make around 15 million together and Fernandez only makes 2 and change. It would never work nomatter how you tweak it. I like the idea of getting rid of Curry and Jeffires but it will never happen. They could never be dealt in the same trade. they would have to be piggy-backed with young talent individually. Why would we want Fernandez if we're making a move? SF is the one position we have good young talent. Chandler and Gallinari are both better than him. We need players at every position except SF.

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i would like the trade for

i would like the trade for NY but it won´t work! nobody will ever take curry and jeffries as it difficult to unload one of them but both to one team is impossible.. maybe someone will take curry because he has talent but honestly who will take jeffries?

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rudy is a SG...
the trade would never work

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