Tracy Mcgrady

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Tracy Mcgrady

What does he have to offer? we all know he cant score 20 points every night we all know he cant start we all know he cant dunk on anybody anymore. so what the best fit for t-mac???

Tobe Bryant
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I like McGrady in a 6th Man versatile role. Or to start as a big guard alongside another wing capable of handling the rock on a contender. Quite like Ron Harper did for the Lakers and Bulls. Harper was a true 6'6 wing who, before injury, was quite an athlete and scorer.

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maybe boston he would be a

maybe boston he would be a good backup there

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Scorer off bench

McGrady has been linked to the Miami Heat and the Boston Celtics which I can see him coming off the bench for either team and providing instant offense and someone who can create his own shot every now and then.


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I posted about this some time

I posted about this some time ago and stated that I would love to see him with Miami backing up Lebron and playing some PG. He is the closest thing to a Ron Harper as I have seen....once elite scorer who was robbed of his athleticism by injuries, but still a high IQ facilitator with crafty scoring ability and ability to hit the 3 (although he didnt shoot too well from deep last year). The biggest difference is Harper was a great defender.

Someone said it wouldnt work because he has to except a lesser role...I ask, how much lesser of a role can you get that what he has accepted for the Pistons?

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Who's that girl in your

Who's that girl in your avatar? She's bad!

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my &$#%#&@!!!!

she holds mw down

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t-mac still has some gas left

t-mac still has some gas left in the tank... although he's not there athletically, he adjusted himsef to contribute in other areas to impact the game still.

in 72 games he played 23.4 mins, 8 ppg, 3.5 reb, 3.5 ast, 0.9 stl, 0.5 blk

that's better than a lot of other point-forwards. he's definitely not elite but on a verteran team he can really help out the bench.

fantasy wise those are some decent #'s too.

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This might sound crazy,but i

This might sound crazy,but i think T-Mac would be best served going to a team with a young solid up & coming point guard like a Mike Conley or Darren Collison..Both of those guys have potential..But neither 1 is among the elite point guards in the league...But they both have alot of room for improvement..

While T-Mac no longer have the skills he use to..He still would be a great mentor..Becuz he has a very high basketball IQ...

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He can still score, not in

He can still score, not in the same fashion as he used to, but he is still a threat.

He can handle the rock and run a team at times.

His D is ok, not amazing, but he has length and decent speed.

He can give your team a spark. Every now and then he'll pull a T-Mac play out of the bag and ignite the arena and your squad.

He still can board for a guard.

He hasn't completely faded away yet. There still are some remains that add up to a capable NBA player.

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He cant dunk anybody

He cant dunk anybody anymore??

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T-Mac perhaps giving

T-Mac perhaps giving something back to a younger team is an interesting idea but would a team in rebuild consider a 32 year old T-Mac the right sort of option?

Rudeboy's suggestion of fringe contenders like Memphis or Pacers could work as T-Mac would see solid minutes and would not be seen as merely a back up.

The logic says that T-Mac goes to a contender and does a bench/role playing starter type role, okay he might not be happy to come from the bench but he took veteran's minimum last year for a role playing position in Detroit and if he wants a ring then his options are maybe half a dozen or so teams.

Boston, Miami would both be sound choices, I'd throw in Dallas and Spurs as two other veteran win now teams where a year or two of T-Mac might not harm them, the Lakers comes into this category as well.

Other options could be Chicago where Keith Bogans was the SG alongside D-Rose don't forget and T-Mac would give another ball carrying option when D-Rose went to the bench. Also Oklahoma are still a young team and T-Mac could give them a nice veteran presence at SG/SF and help to give them another bench scoring option alongside Harden or free up Harden to maybe start in place of Sefo if needed.

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T-Mac to LAL IMO. He lobbied

T-Mac to LAL IMO. He lobbied for it all offseason last year but LA saw no good fit. On a Mike Brown team where post play and pick and roll is main pieces, a guy like tracy who can go off, play the PG, and allow kobe to go off ball could be a welcomed addition for cheap. I recently checked in on What T-mac was doing last year when he got consistent playing time.

27 mpg, 13.6 ppg, 4.1rbs, 4.7 apg, 46%fg, 38% 3pt, 84% FT

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McGrady's best fit would be with the Bulls

McGrady to the Bulls would give them a veteran presence, a scoring option and a solid 6 or 7 man guard. He could be put on positional possesions when you wanted to clear it out and let Derrick Rose do work on the ISO. Also, he would not be asked to put up crazy numbers. If he averaged 12-13 points a game they'd be getting more than they would ever get out of Bogans or Brewer. Only problem is his injury prone which in that case would make him useless to any team.

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