Toronto's future

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Toronto's future

Here's a couple trades that could push Toronto into somewhat relevance in a couple years.

Trade Calderon to the Lakers for either the trade exception and Morris (to fill the void at PG) OR Luke Walton and a first round pick in this years draft, preferably the lower one which I don't think would be out of reach. This would make the lineup be at Bayless, Derozan, James Johnson, Amir Johnson, Bargnani. Decent at best but with potential.

The second trade would be to the Bulls. Trade Leandro Barbosa for Omer Asik and, depending on how high the Bulls value Asik, a late first round pick in next year's draft. This gives Chicago another option that is relatively young and a good scoring punch either off the bench or in the starting lineup since Rip has been injury prone so far this year. The Raps would like this because then it brings a good defender and rebounder to play at center to shift Bargnani to the 4 in his natural position and gives the team a better balance on both ends of the floor. Plus with Jonas coming over next year hopefully, it takes some of the pressure off him to produce right away and gives him time to develop. Not to mention that when Jonas is ready to become the starter, the Raps have a nice 4 man rotation at the PF and C spot with Ed Davis and Bargnani, and Asik and Jonas.

Add in their first round pick this year (Lamb, MKG, Barnes, etc.), they have a much stronger lineup in place with Bayless, Derozan, Barnes (or other), Bargnani, Jonas. With Davis, Asik, J. Johnson coming off the bench. This makes their weakest position PG but they could definitely upgrade that spot through free agency or draft in either this year or next too.

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Reread all of that and give

Reread all of that and give yourself a negative.

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asik against... barbosa...?

asik against... barbosa...? sounds a little bit like a rape

barbosa : "relatively young" ?... he'll turn 30 this year and he doesn't seem in his prime years.

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Calderon for a trade

Calderon for a trade exception and Darius Morris? Jokes

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Unless the Lakers trade

Unless the Lakers trade Gasol, Bynum or Kobe, there is no one on the team that the Raptors should want at all.... I see all these Laker trade posts that involves trading one of their young "prospects", and getting a decent point guard in the return. The Lakers young player aren't worth crap on the trade market because they are all 2nd round picks who are not that good now, or projected to be that good in the future.

Also, why do people think the Raptors are going to just basically give Calderon away? He is easily one of the best passers in the game, and if you ever watch Raptors games, it is clear that they are much better when he is on the floor. I agree that is might be time to trade him (the Raptors are just 10-23), but he is worth much more than what is listed above.....

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How can the Toronto give them

How can the Toronto give them Barbosa " and a late first round pick in nest years draft" do you think they can just give picks away or control where they pick, and they some how have a pick to take Lamb, Barnes or ect.

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Dallas would be a great fit

Dallas would be a great fit for Calderon as well. Kidd just hasn't been getting it done this year, just over 5 APG and 5 PPG while shooting 32.5% from the field. The Dallas offense has absolutely sputtered at times and a point like Calderon might help them get back on track.

Roddy Beaubois seems like he's in the doghouse and might be a piece that can come back Toronto's way...

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Calderon is so valuable to

Calderon is so valuable to the Raptors offense its not even funny. His assist to turnover ratio is atop the league every season and he shoots the ball really well. He's not being traded for nothing. As well as Barbosa, why trade for Asik when the Raps already have Bargnani, Davis, Johnson, Valanciunas. That would cause a logjam for minutes in the frontcourt.

I like the trade idea of Calderon to Dallas. He would fit in with that team quite well, and Beaubois could help Toronto. Both teams would benefit from that type of deal.

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