Toronto Raptors 2009 Draft Pick

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Toronto Raptors 2009 Draft Pick

Alright guys draft is 11 days away Toronto Fans are anxious to know who the Raps pick up.
Demar right now is the guy raptor fans want to see this season. A man with a good all around game and explosive dunks. Someone the raptors need to get back to the glory days of VC. Any word on possible pick ups please drop a answer.

Thanks people
One love.

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There Are Some Prospects

The one probably linked the most to the Raptors is DeMar Derozen. Excellent upside and I think a few years under Jay Triano will help him excell. Jay would give him the neccesary minutes to develop his game.

Others that come to mind are Gerald Henderson, Chase Budinger, Earl Clark, Jeff Teague or even Terrence Williams if Raptors are willing to select him that high.

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Bigger Guard


I'm thinking DeRozan or Evans.

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Earl Clark or DeMar DeRozan

I have a feeling Tyreke Evans will go before the 9th pick in any case then, they should aim for Earl Clark or DeMar DeRozan

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Best SG/SF available

Toronto has a starting 1 (Calderon),4 (Bosh) and 5 (Banana). The 2 and 3 have been the weak spot over the past 5-ish years, so I'd pick:

- the best available SG/SF
- someone that will be willing to stay in Toronto long term
- someone willing to be aggressive at both ends

DeRozan seems to be a good fit, however he is from Cali.
Will a Compton baller want to live/work outside of the sunny southern US?

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I think toronto will take

I think toronto will take derozan or clark

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