Top Remaining Free Agents and Predictions

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Top Remaining Free Agents and Predictions

Which team do you think these players will go to? Post your answers below(you can say retirement) Here are the top remaining free agents in no order:

Delonte West

Larry Hughes

Earl Watson

Earl Barron

Louis Amundson

Bobby Simmons

Allen Iverson

Kyrylo Fesenko

Flip Murray

Joe Smith

Francisco Elson

Adam Morrison

DJ Mbenga

Here are my predictions:

Delonte West- Boston Celtics

Larry Hughes- Charlotte Bobcats

Earl Watson- Denver Nuggets

Earl Barron- Miami Heat

Louis Amundson- New Orleans Hornets

Bobby Simmons- New Jersey Nets

Allen Iverson- Retirement

Kyrylo Fesenko- Atlanta Hawks

Flip Murray- Detroit Pistons

Joe Smith- Golden State Warriors

Francisco Elson- Utah Jazz

Adam Morrison- Washington Wizards

DJ Mbenga- New York Knicks

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My top 20 remaining FA's in

My top 20 remaining FA's in No order.

1. Flip Murray
2. Delonte West
3. Allen Iverson
4. Larry Hughes
5. Lou Aumundson
6. James Singleton
7. Rodney Carney
8. Luther Head
9. Earl Barron
10. Earl Watson
11. Jannero Pargo
12. Damien Wilkins
13. Ike Diogu
14. Trenton Hassell
15. Kyrylo Fesenko
16. Bobby Simmons
17. Josh Boone
18. Jawad Williams
19. Michael Finley
20. Jerry Stackhouse

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Earl Barron's pretty

Earl Barron's pretty underrated in all this. Turning down an offer from Israel suggests he expects to play here next year.

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Thank you for putting Adam

Thank you for putting Adam Morrison on your top list.

Makes me smile. :)

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Surprised to see some of

Surprised to see some of these guys still FAs

Hughes, Watson, and Murray can still be useful playerson a NBA team

Amundson is gonna get signed, surprised its taking this long though

J. Smith and Elson, and Stackhouse can also be useful veterans

Carney, Barron, Boone, Simmons and even Morrison are sleepers, not gonna win you a championship but can be useful deep bench players

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Delonte West-

Delonte West- Bulls/Bobcats

Larry Hughes- Celtics

Earl Watson- Jazz

Earl Barron- Wizards

Louis Amundson- Pacers

Bobby Simmons- SPurs

Allen Iverson- Mavs

Kyrylo Fesenko- Hawks

Flip Murray- Hornets

Joe Smith- Nuggets

Francisco Elson- Jazz

Adam Morrison- Wizards

Joe Alexander- Warriors

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