Top NBA Players "H"

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Top NBA Players "H"

1. John Havlicek
2. Elvin Hayes
3. Spencer Haywood
4. Connie Hawkins
5. Grant Hill
6. Dwight Howard
7. Tim Hardaway
8. Bailey Howell
9. Tom Heinsohn
10. Lou Hudson

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Honorable mention has to go

Honorable mention has to go to Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway. Until injuries hit, he was amazing.

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I have no idea why I missed

I have no idea why I missed him. He would probably be 8 or 9.

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Without injuries, where does Grant Hill rank on this list? #1? Pretty tough to beat Hondo and Hayes but Grant Hill could do it all.

You might have my least favorite player (Dwight Howard) and favorite player (Tim Hardaway) of all time on this list.

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Rip Hamilton

Rip Hamilton might be in the honorable mention. Winner and had great stats, including great shooting percentages. Also, couple years from now and James Harden might make that list. This is another fairly loaded letter. Great list!

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Everybody has their favorites, mine would be Lou Hudson. I saw Hudson, as a college senior, play with a hard cast on his broken right (shooting) wrist, and score 32 (as I recall) while shooting with his off hand.

Hudson played 13 years in the NBA and scored over 20 ppg, with a high of 27 plus, for seven straight years. If you adjust for per 36 minutes, he scored at a rate of over 20 for 11 out of his 13 seasons.

Not saying he is number one, but he is most likely not number 10 either.

I have sure enjoyed these lists and think you are doing a great job. Some letters really suck, while others would be really strong rosters.

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what about

Allan Houston? Great shooter...injuries deralied his career too

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OMGEE!!!! 'J' is almost

OMGEE!!!! 'J' is almost here!

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I think Dwight might be a

I think Dwight might be a little high

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Honorable Mention

Jeff Hornacek -

15,659 career points ( 14.5 ppg average ) 20.1 ppg career high

.403% career 3 point percentage

1 time NBA All-Star ( 20 ppg 5 rpg 5 apg 2 spg 51/44/88 )

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