Top 5 Uncertainty

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Top 5 Uncertainty

Is there any certainty at all with any of the top 5 picks? I dont recall a draft with so few guarantees at the top...

I dont think there is any doubt at all that there will be movement at the top - but what teams?

Teams to move up:


what about people start creating mock drafts with their predicted trades included... thats what I'd like to see.

Just wrote a piece on this last night -
We have a podcast tonight - search itunes "nbadraftday"

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I have Jordan Hill

at pick 5 but the Wizards WILL trade way down to avoid the luxury tax. There have been articles that address this issue already, but that bit of info hasn't circulated though everybody yet. I have read and I think the Grizz will trade their pick to the Knicks for the No 8 and David Lee. Other than that, there won't be as much 2009 pick tradin as people may think considering this is a weak (by many people's standards anyway) draft.

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I don't think the knicks are

I don't think the knicks are giving up lee for rubio. I just see sacramento and memphis swapping so both parties are happy. Memphis doesn't have to over value a guy they need in hill and sacramento gets a stud pg in rubio

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