Top 5 PG's

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Top 5 PG's

I Think In About 2 or 3 Years The top 5 Point Guards Will Vary Every Year Because of all of the young and very promising looking players.

All of these PG could be all stars in a few years or be top 5 giving they teams r successful

Rajon Rondo
Deron Williams
Derrick Rose
Kyrie Irving
John Wall
Tony Parker (if he ages gracefully)
Ricky Rubio
Damian Lillard
Russell Westbrook
Stephen Curry
Chris Paul

I Feel If Healthy All of these players if they can stay healhty can make a case on being a top 5 PG within a few years!

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tough task man

but im goin with

D rose if recovers well from the ACL
Chris Paul so smart and clutch
Russell Westbrook if he continues to progress as a passer
Rajon Rondo must improve his jumper
Deron Williams so strong and smart

Each player i chose in my top 5 is pretty much in their prime or on their way thats why many of them get the nod...
Obviously in maybe 3-5 years everything can change ... As from now to about three years those are my top 5 PG in the league...

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this year, right now

Right now as the season has gone. Not judging them on past performances or how I think they will do on the future, just basing this off of what they have done so far this season, my top five would be:
1) Westbrook
2) Parker
3) Rondo
4) Paul
5) Curry

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John Wall

should not be included in the top 5 PG discussion. I'm sorry but he should stick to making hoopmixtape videos.
The man is a scrub. Ricky Rubio on the other hand has POTENTIAL. Hope he comes back strong. Great talent.

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In 2-3 years from now if both

In 2-3 years from now if both are healthy...I hope I remember you. Wall can one day be where Paul or Rose are. Rubio....good, but not that good. Also like to know your definition of scrub. 16ppg, 8apg, and 4.5rpg last year? If he is scrub, what is Rubio? FOH.

also agree with Siggy, DWill is slipping. I am a big fan of his but at the same time, I just havent seen evidence of him affecting the win column. Boy can score at will and dish with the best of them....maybe Brooklyn needs some time to gel and he can rise back to the top.

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Chris Paul not being #1 on

Chris Paul not being #1 on anyone's list is a travesty

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Deron Williams should be on

Deron Williams should be on the cusp of not making the top 5 anymore. His FG% is way down yet again and him lacking talent around him is no longer an excuse.

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I agree. . 2 years from

I agree.
2 years from now
1- Rose
2- Paul
3- Irving
4- Rondo
5- Westbrook
6- Lillard

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top pg's

This season

1) Chris Paul
2) Russell Westbrook
3) Rajon Rondo
4) Kyrie Irving
5) Tony Parker
6) Jrue Holiday
7) Deron Williams
8) Stephen Curry
9) Damian Lillard
10) Ty Lawson
11) Mike Conley
12) Goran Dragic
13) Jose Manuel Calderon
14) Kyle Lowry
15) Raymond Felton
16) Darren Collison

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I was watching the half game

I was watching a half game show with Magic and couple other guys. They were talking about Rondo should be able to change his game like Jason kidd have. I have to agree, Rondo can do it because some nights when he is on, he is on with his shot. I don't think Jason Kidd ever had games that he could shoot lights out, not until he became around 35 and only took 3's. Look at the game last year when Rondo lit up the Heats in the Playoffs shooting from everywhere on the court. One thing though, Jason Kidd has always been a pretty good free throw shooter his whole career unlike Rondo.

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Why has nobody mentioned

Why has nobody mentioned Brandon Jennings? Not even in the Top 16? C'Mon!

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Yea I'm not a huge fan of

Yea I'm not a huge fan of Jennings but rating Collison higher than him just seems wrong. My top five would be:


I am very impressed with Irving this far in his career and I believe he will soon be the best PG in the league.

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The fact that only one person

The fact that only one person has even mentioned Jrue Holiday is a joke in and of itself. 18pts, 9 ast, 4 reb, 6'4" well rounded and a pedigree that suggested all of this was possible and not even a honorable mention? His team is competitive with NO post presence, hes ambidextrous, and he's only 22.

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CP top pg in the league all day

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