Top 10 Unrestricted Free Agents:

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Top 10 Unrestricted Free Agents:

1. Nene - Denver Nuggets
2. David West - New Orleans Hornets
3. Tyson Chandler - Dallas Mavericks
4. Kris Humphries - New Jersey Nets
5. Jamal Crawford - Atlanta Hawks
6. J.R. Smith - Denver Nuggets
7. Yao Ming - Houston Rockets
8. Caron Butler - Dallas Mavericks
9. Carl Landry - New Orleans Hornets
10. Glen Davis - Boston Celtics

Which of these 10 do you see finding a new home this summer? I think it will be David West, Jamal Crawford, J.R. Smith, Yao Ming & Carl Landry.

Nene is too loyal to Denver, Chandler wants to win another championship, Humphries is lookimg forward to moving to Brooklynn and playing with Deron Williams, Caron Butler wants to actually play in the Finals next year, Glen Davis will never leave the Celtics, that's home.

What are your guys' opinion on my top 10 list and please let me know your list, as well as who you think will stay and who will leave.

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Thumbs up

but you said that Chandler, Butler and the Mavs are going to be in the Finals next year? I am not sure about that one

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What I meant...

In their perspective, they got there with the team they have, and if that team returns, they will have all of the confidence that they can repeat. I think they want it so bad they'll return just for the oppertunity. Personally, I don't see them winning it all next year, either.

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My thoughts

Nene: Nuggets seem to have a decent chance, but I could see the Kings and even Nets throwing deals at him. The Kings are way under the cap, and I honestly feel Nene could play either the 4 or the 5. His injury history will be taken into account, but he will be a hot commodity as an UFA. Also, one scenario I could see would be the Clippers, with a sign and trade focused on Nene and Chris Kaman. I think that would really work for both teams, as the Nuggets still keep a solid Center, and have Kaman's deal coming off of the books. Unless the Clipps really think they could make a run at Dwight Howard, which I doubt, than this is a pretty nice alternative.

David West: I always pictured West going to the Nets. Just have a feeling that they will make an offer he can't refuse, and no this is not a Mikhail Prokhorov mafia joke. Still, feel they may offer West a nice package that might be more than anyone else is willing to pay him. Is this jumping the gun? Probably, but if they make the play-offs, which by all intensive purposes, they more than likely would with a team of Deron Williams, Brook Lopez and David West. Also, lets face it, a draft pick rarely is a reason to stay with a team, whereas an established player and some seeds of actual winning might. Indiana is the other team that has expressed interest in West, and they do have some cap space. The Nets do appear to be happy with Kris Humphries, and if they are indeed content with signing him, West would be an upgrade at PF over the Psycho-T and Josh McRoberts tandem. It is really about what you are willing to pay him, and if it is anything much more than his last deal, odds are it is a fairly poor signing.

Tyson Chandler: I really think he has found a home in Dallas and does not leave. They are willing to move things around to keep him, and he was the anchor of there defense. You do not let a Center who brutalized every match-up he went up against in the play-offs, on the way to a championship, bounce. Does not happen. Has to be Dallas' first priority, he is still under 30 and proved that he was a force in the middle.

Kris Humphries: I think he might also stay in New Jersey, and I even believe the Nets may have room for he and West. They do pretty much play the same position, but Humphries is a stretch 5 and has been for most of his career. The guy is willing to do some dirty work, but at the same time is not a player one would break the bank on. I guess I could see the Kings possibly showing him some love as well, but at the end of the day I think Avery wants to keep him, and they hopefully sign him for somewhere in the 7-8 million range. Anything less, it is a good deal, anything more, it is a robbery. Plus, is he a contract year guy? Definitely something to keep in mind.

Jamal Crawford: Another player who I think has found a home in ATL. Do not see Jamal getting too many big offers and think the Hawks want to keep him. He is a fantastic scoring 6th man, can stretch to either guard position and has played his best basketball in a Hawks uni. I do not think teams with cap room would really make a play at Jamal, so I think he stays in Atlanta.

JR Smith: He could be someone primed to bounce, but who is willing to pay him what he more than likely wants? I would say the Nuggets may stand alone in that category. Honestly do not know who JR's suitors would be. Think you can rule out Indiana, New Jersey has a ton of shooters already and Sacramento has Tyreke Evans and Marcus Thornton. Think JR stays put, or is possibly part of a sign and trade with Nene. My ultimate bet is he stays a Nugget, in a short term deal (1-3 years).

Yao Ming: Not leaving. Staying with Houston, somehow someway. There may be interest, but I do not think a team is willing to gamble enough to pay the money it would take to leave the Rockets.

Caron Butler: Think that he is GHOST from Dallas. Even before this year, before the injury, the entire time he was traded to Dallas, never saw it as being a long term destination for Caron. I am sure he would love to have played a part in the championship, and I am sure he wants to compete for one again, but I feel there are suitors out there who will be willing to offer him more than Dallas. I think he is a low priority to Cuban, they won with him in a suit and he will be asking for somewhere in the neighborhood of what he was making before. Destinations? Sacramento and New Jersey seem like very possible spots. I think he would be a great fit at 3 for the Kings, albeit they did just trade for John Salmons. Caron is still one of the better SF's in the league, and will be a nice upgrade for either team at that spot. One of the teams I would be most shocked he would sign with would be Dallas though, really expect him to be in a different uniform next year.

Carl Landry: I would not be surprised if he re-signs with the Hornets. I think they would value him more than other teams and might very well offer him the best deal. Between West and Landry, I would expect Landry to be the more likely to stay in a Hornet's uni. Think that the usual suspects might make a push for him, but I doubt he wants to go back to Sacramento, and doubt that Indy or New Jersey want him enough. See the teams I keep mentioning? They are the ones with enough cap room to offer lucrative deals without the need of a mid level exception, which might not be in the new CBA and all of these players probably are going to be desiring more than what an MLE would offer.

Glen Davis: I know people seem to believe he is a "Celtic Forever", but I would not be surprised if Baby looks at what other teams have to offer. Still, I guess it is hard for me to see Davis going anywhere other than Boston. Think he has a role there, on a winning team that you probably do not let go. They more than likely value him more than many others, and will probably pay him a fair sum.

So, that is my take on those 10. I think pretty much every RFA of note is going to be matched with whomever they sign with, especially Marc Gasol. No way that guy is leaving Memphis. Well, too bad we will have to wait until the lockout is resolved to see any movement here, but, hey, at least that gives us more of a chance to live our lives and less time to worry about what day so and so signs with a team.

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I peed in my pants when i saw

I peed in my pants when i saw kris humphries on this list

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