Top 10 Centers

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the" per 36 min" is

the" per 36 min" is meainingless. If you go by that, then Greg Steimsma is the best shot blocker in the league!

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This is. gonna get negged

This is. gonna get negged crazy but the top 5 Centers are Howard, Bynum, DMC, Marc Gasol andTyson Chandler. Chandlers defenseand offensive efficiency can't b overlooked and Marc Gasol would put up monster numbers in the.Easrlt not having to share the ball wit Z Bo.

By the end of the year Anthony Davis will be a top 10 center because he ill be playing a lot of Center this year and he will flash dominance. I think C is Davis best position and in time people will realize it too.

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a lot of idiots on here ever

a lot of idiots on here ever heard of anderson varejeao? clear top 10 guy and not one mention

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HOLY SH..... is that

HOLY SH.....

is that mr.19134!!!!!!!!!!!... i was just talking about you in another thread. where the F you been???? post more dude, you're a favorite poster


we still think hold the same view on davis and his C status.

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Joakim Noah- Basically

Joakim Noah- Basically everything I said about Bogut, he's a gritty tough guy with a lot of heart, a guy you want on your team.

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Since this is your first post

What exactly do you mean everything you said about Bogut???? Just got caught with your hand in cookie jar. Smh

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All the idiots in this thread

All the idiots in this thread buried Anderson Varejeao dominating the league a lock for the all star game

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