Top 10
1.LA Clippers Blake Griffin best player
2.Memphis Hasheem Thabeet i think theyll take him and trade down
3.Oklahoma City Jordan Hill i think hell be a good player alongside Durant and bring Green off the bench as a sixth man
4.Sacramento Ricky Rubio they need a point guard
5.Washington James Harden a good scorer who can help them get back to the playoffs
6.Minnesota Jonny Flynn they need a point guard and hes becoming the second best point guard in the draft
7.Goldan ST. Stephen Curry they also need a point guard and hes to me the third best point guard
8.NY Demar Derozen doasnt fit the teams before him that well
9.Toronto Gerald Henderson a good wingman they need
10.Milwaukee Jrue Holiday a player they can bring off the bench after ridnour
this is before players leave in free agency then i will change it?

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nope. try again

thabeet at 2? rubio at 4? holiday at 10? flynn that early? doubtful.

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you need to fix it

you need to fix it have to factor in many things before making a top 10 or lottery mock

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Flynns climbing D. I think

Flynns climbing D. I think Minnesota will really debate over him or jennings. Oklahoma will take Rubio if he falls. And Again with Thabeet at 2! UGH I'm getting sick of this.

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Don't go around posting your mocks without any explanations because people are just going to question you if you don't have every player in the exact spot that they have them in.

Interesting top 10

can you post your explanations too? thanks

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jennings at 14 ?

jennings at 14 ?

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see eprizzle's mock

As a Warrior fan and the days get closer to the draft I'm liking Curry in that silky blue and orange.

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Possible but I doubt

Possible but I doubt Henderson will go 9

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i doubt lawson will drop

i doubt lawson will drop that far

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crappiest mock iv seen so

crappiest mock iv seen so far.

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i know its a weird mock but after blake its hard to tell who will be drafted where and i threw in a lot of crazy twists that i think will happen based on need by teams.

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i agree with Flynn rising hes had amazing workouts.

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