Too Many players @simillar positions

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Too Many players @simillar positions

Can too many talented players who play the same position actually hurt a team? I was reading an article about the Florida Gaters bball team, and i realized that Florida has four legit starting college PG/SG's on their team( Irving Walker, Kenny Boynton, Mike Rosario, and Bradley Beal). None of these G's are true PG's, mostly scoring combo guards. I think having too many talented players playing essientially the same position can hurt a team bc:

1) Coach pressure:The coach is going to have to figure out who is going to get the most minutes and why? He might have to sit some really talented players in crunch time, bc you can't play 4 guards.

2) Playing Time: The players who get the least amount of time, could be upset at this. Example for Florida: If I am Mike Rosario, and I just sat out a year to go to Florida, I do not want to play 10-15 mpg. I am looking to get star/starter minutes.

3) NBA: The NBA is going to affect how the players play. I am sure all four of the G's @ Florida would like to make the NBA and i feel they all could one day. But I am sure Bradley Beal, for example, would like to be a one-and-done type player. If he only gets 10-15mpg this year bc of the log jam @ the G spot, he might not get to showcase all his talents to the scouts this year or worse, he could just chuck shots all day while he gets his limited playing time, which will hurt the team. This will hurt Bradley Beal too bc it could force him to either make an il-advised potential based decision on entering the NBA or the log [email protected]/SG could force him to stay another year @ florida and hope that he could get star/starter minutes on next year's team to show the NBA what he has. I feel like the pressure on these kids to show the NBA what they got, could hurt the team's overall play.

4) Team Chemistry: Having 4 Players who all play a similiar game can be a blessing and a curse. Its a blessing bc of the team's depth, the team's talent level, and in Florida's case, probably the scoring punch they will provide. Its a curse bc of the sharing of court time between the players, the holes and gaps at other positions, and the coaches game plan becomes difficult. You can't play four PG/SG's on the court at the same time. I'd rather much have good depth @ all the positions over GREAT depth @ the combo guard position.

Now this article is not saying that the Gators are gonna be bad next year. I'm just saying that this depth @ the combo guard position is a blessing and a curse. Other team's have this blessing/problem as well: Kentucky @ the foward/guard positions, Ohio state @ the guard position, UNC @ the foward/guard positions, Duke etc.

So my question to you guys is:

Do you think any of these team's could suffer from their depth? And Why?

IMO i think Florida might struggle with no real post presence/rebounder other than patric young, and i think UNC and Duke could struggle finding enough playing time for everyone on their rosters. You might see some of their players transfer or they could be a lack of team chemistry

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Well those players should

Well those players should have know that there was going to be alot of guards before they comitted to going there so if they dont get the minutes they want its mainly there fault.Also coaches know alot more then we do before the season starts because of practices ,alot goes on during practice and there is alot of practices.And I think you could actually play with 4 guards and Patric young but you would have to press them and deny the ball and teach them to box out

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I think UNC doesn't have a

I think UNC doesn't have a big problem, they are deep at all positions, but not too deep + Barnes, Zeller, Henson and probably Marshall are almost certainly leaving, so there's no need to transfer for guys like Bullock and Hairston to transfer, they'll be a part of a good team (If McAdoo stays), where they will get plenty playing time.

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Ya but Florida could play one

Ya but Florida could play one of them at the 1,2, and 3 and one off the bench.

For example Walker at the point, Boynton at the two, Rosario at the three and Beal as a sixth man could all play 30mins a game.

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Florida could probably run a

Florida could probably run a Nellie ball type system with 3 of the guys as starters or certainly on court for parts of the game with one on the bench. If you can get say 100 mpg between the four guys then they can all have decent playing time and even if they lack size in some match ups then their speed and shooting would cause oppostion issues.

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Mike Rosario should have

Mike Rosario should have stayed at rutgers long enough to see who was going to be their next head coach(mike rice), everyone knew fred hill was one his way out. I think he stayed

1. he wouldn't have to miss a year

2. He would get starting minutes because they don't really have a lot of guards to beat out

3. he would have improved his skill set including defense

Bob Hurley is high school coach said that mike wasn't working hard enough at rutgers. He is really going to have to show donovan that he can work hard in order to start or get some good quality minutes

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No such thing in college basketball

In college basketball theres no such thing as too much talent on one team....The coach rules with such an iron fist and players tend to say alot of the right things. I think Florida will play alot like that villanova team from a few years ago that ran 4 guards and a forward with randy foye, lowry,i think narni and im forgetting who else. and patrick young is no slouch he would benefit from being on the floor with for skilled players

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You CAN have too many guys.

You CAN have too many guys. Especially if they play the same position. You need a good mix of stars and role players with a great starting five and 3 or 4 guys off the bench. It hurts if you have too many guys who just want to go pro. The Kentucky team two years ago had Wall, Cousins, Bledsoe, and Daniel Orton as well as Patrick Patterson and they didn't make the Final Four, but this past year's team had less talent but made the Final Four (if they had beaten U Conn they probably would have won the title). ... last year's Memphis team had THREE small guards who played point (Joe Jackson, Antonio Barton, Charles Carmouche) and we didn't really start to click until the end of the year.

I like UNC this year because they have talent, depth, and no real overlapping of talent. Barnes, Henson, and Zeller is a GREAT front line then they can bring McAdoo off the bench with Kendall Marshall being an ideal distributing point guard in the starting lineup.

Not sure what Kentucky will be like but they should have lots of talent.

I am a little concerned with Duke since they don't really have a great post presence and they seem to have a logjam at guard with Austin Rivers, Seth Curry, Dawkins, and some other guys too I think. These are all relatively small guards who need the ball and really aren't pure point guards. Then you have 3 Plumlee brothers who are all good but they pretty much do the same thing. Duke has depth but I am not sure they have enought STARS... it seems like they might have a lot of above-average college players, which can be a problem if you can't find enough minutes for the guys and if none of them really stand out. ... This might also effect Memphis who I have as my sleeper Final Four team but has logjams at point guard and small forward, as well as a bunch of 6'8-6'9 guys who are basically big men but who look role players (except for Tarik Black who I think is legit).

Like James McAdoo at Carolina I would bring Adonis Thomas off the bench and start Antonio and Will Barton at guard, Wesley Witherspoon at small forward (it's his natural position and he has talent), Tarik Black at power forward and then another big man at center (maybe Hall or Simpson). I would then bring Joe Jackson, Chris Crawford, Adonis Thomas, DJ Stephens, and Carmouche off the bench. Or, if Adonis Thomas can play some power forward, then start him at the 4 with 'Spoon at the 3 and Black at the 5. That would be a small team but very quick and talented. Then they would still have some firepower and size off the bench.

back to Florida, if they have too many point guards who dominate the ball then they could have a problem. If I were them I would start the best point guard, then put the best shooter at the 2 (probably Beal) and then bring the other small point guard(s) off the bench for quickness and scoring (similar to what the Mavs did with Terry and Barea). But, I don't think they can play three small guards at once and do well late in the year going against a bunch of good teams with size. I think it is easier to bring smaller guards off the bench against less-talented reserves than it is to start them. If I were Florida I would play another big guy with Patric Young as a banger and secondary rebounder then a solid all-around small forward who doesn't need a lot of shots to be effective.

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If you go small and

If you go small and effectively play 3 guards then I always feel that a couple of these guys have to be good shooters as it will be harder for them to get inside unless one of them can drive to the basket so you either have to play quick offence rather like the D'Antoni 8 second offence or spread the floor and look for shots from the perimeter. The guards should be better shooters than maybe the opposing SF who is guarding one of them but with a size disadvantage they will need to be very accurate getting their shot off.

Thinking about the quick offence, I actually wonder if the smaller guys playing uptempo and being rotated could be used perhaps to almost tire the opposition out especially their bigger guys as 6ft 10ins say 250lbs front courters may not be able to keep getting up and down the court as fast as say a 6ft 2ins 190lbs guard. So the opposition will either have to slow the tempo down or almost fall into the trap of trying to counter a smallball team.

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