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Who will get drafted first between the 2? Who should get drafted first between the 2? Both seem to have high potential. Wroten was getting more buzz it seemed like before the combine. But now is Cunningham getting more buzz than Wroten? Is Cunnigham the more polished player? He seems to be just as athletic as Wroten and can get to the rack pretty well. Both seem to be pretty similar players. I know Wroten struggles shooting more. And he may be better suited as a SG than a PG right now with his decision making. But he's got some good defense. Any thoughts?

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I think the buzz with

I think the buzz with Cunningham is that Cunningham has more of a NBA skill to shoot the ball. Wroten can dribble but so can Jarvis Crittenton and Darius Morris.

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No knock on Cunningham but

No knock on Cunningham but I'm taking Wroten first... he can just flat out ball too me persnally. And his passing ability is top notch. He was a Turnover King at UW, but he should be fine if he just works on that stroke and keep those turnovers to a minimum, which wasn't always him trying to do to much. His current ability and upside would be too much for me to pass on if I were choosing between the two of them.

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Off the bounce Wroten is

Off the bounce Wroten is unguardable...too quick with the ball and handle. How much can he improve his shooting though? That is the one area that will keep him pigeon-holed if he doesnt improve....drastically. There are mediocre shooters and then there are liabilities. Because Wroten falls into the catagory of the latter....he doesnt have a definitive edge over Cunningham. I think it comes down to a personal preference....mine would be likely be Cunningham, but its tough.

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Wroten is a better player

Wroten is a better player with more upside, but Cunningham is intriguing because of his amazing athletic ability. I think Wroten is a guy who's at risk of slipping into the early 2nd round, but I don't think Cunningham will get drafted before him either.

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