Tony Wroten

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Tony Wroten

Very dissapointed with his combine results. People knew coming in, that he really couldn't shoot and that would hurt his stock, but people expected his stock to bounce back up after the workouts. Unfortunately I don't think that will be the case. Did he not bench press? Or did he actually fail to get 185? I thought this kid was a monster and would at least be able to hammer out 185, 8 times.

At the end of the day, I don't think the athletic tests mean too much, but I don't think Mr.Wroten did himself any favors.

I still have very high hopes for him and I think he could be one of the best players in the draft but I think his stock is falling.

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185 8x is hardly monster

185 8x is hardly monster like. But agreed, his stock is falling and could even slip into the seconds round.

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I Doubt he gets out of the

I Doubt he gets out of the 1st round,pass Memphis......Memphis coach Hollins compared him to Rondo..Both have some of the same strengths and weaknesses..

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I have him slated to Memphis

I have him slated to Memphis as well to replace Mayo.

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Him and Mayo are very different players.

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I dont worry much about bench

I dont worry much about bench press on a guy who only played 1 year of college ball. He can be doing that number in 3 weeks if he hits the gym.

His talent is intriguing but if anything hurt him, at the combine he couldnt shoot a lick. I mean just shootaround jumpers. I can shoot much better than him. His shooting is really poor for an NBA calibur player. Rondo is no where near that bad.

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i think if he slips past

i think if he slips past memphis he will not go no further then 31 the first pick of the second round a few weeks ago i seen rich cho the gm of the bobcats say they need to get taller and he wants a taller pg theres no taller point then wroten so he is slipping but if he puts it all together he could be one of those we talk about in 5 years saying how did all those teams pass on him then again we could be like how did he make it to the league

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Tony Wroten is my favorite

Tony Wroten is my favorite prospect he shot horribly at the combine and he couldn't bench 185 at all I rarely lift weights and I can get 185 at least 3 times but he did have the fastest sprint time at the combine. His vert was respectable but I believe he jumps higher than 35.5" but Kevin Durant tested poorly at the combine in 2007 and look how he turned out not trying compare wroten to Durant but I think the combine is important but I think individual team workouts are more important. I read some articles that Wroten stock is rising.

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Tony Wroten will be a NBA All Star one day Believe Dat (Sholape)

Tony Wroten has off the charts potential i'm a believer he is a hard worker who has a good crew around him. He ran the off guard for Washington this yr because of Abdul Gaddy. I promise you if he stayed another year in Washington (which he should have) he would have been a first team All American. He was the Pac 12 Freshman of the year averaging 16, 5, and 4, with 2 steals a game. His potential is off the charts he just needs to be a gym rat, and take advice from Brandon Roy. I feel like in 3 yrs he will be a top 15 Point Guard in the NBA, and his ceiling will only rise from there. Maybe not as gifted as Rondo all around but close, and he is 6'6 he will find a jump shot. Shout out to Dominque Cook, Tony Wroten is a good, and Hungry kid.

Watch this short doc on him helping a young man out, wheile preparing for the 2012 NBA Draft.

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I like him as a Hawks fan. I

I like him as a Hawks fan. I think he could be a bigger, better, Jeff Teague. I think they would make a good tandem because of his size would not be mad at the Hawks picking him if they could find a way to get multiple 1st rd picks.

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workout video

as mentioned above I remeber people killing Durant over that benching 185 issue, haventheard it mentioned in years now

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Not sure why people like this

Not sure why people like this guy. He has no basketball skill and gets by with his athletic ability. For a guy that has been playing basketball all his life you'd think he'd learn somewhere along the way how to shoot, control tempo of the game, and not turn the ball over, I mean he is a PG isn't he?

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I'm a Cavalier fan, and if

I'm a Cavalier fan, and if the Cavs take Barnes at No. 4, then I want Wroten at No. 24. I know he doesn't shoot the ball all that well, but I love his attack mode. I want someone who doesn't heavily rely on Kyrie Irving to make plays for him. I would love to have Barnes and Wroten, two guys who can create and make things happen even if Kyrie is off the floor, injured, etc. I just don't want to have a bunch of catch-and-shoot stiffs who can't put the ball on the floor surrounding Kyrie. We tried that when we had LeBron with Daniel Gibson, Donyell Marshall, Anthony Parker, etc., and it doesn't work. Wroten is 6-6, aggressive, can play both backcourt spots, has great handles and vision, the dude just makes things happen.

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