Tony Wroten

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Tony Wroten

Is he gonna get time next year for the grizz?

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that depends on what you consider "time"

He got time last year. Just not much.

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Still one of the biggest wild

Still one of the biggest wild cards on any young prospect. enough talent and tools to be an all star, but has so many holes in his game that he might never even crack an NBA rotation. I think he will get his chances to prove himself. Scouts know what he has going for him. His blend of size, quickness and court vision is VERY rare. But if he never learns to shoot or play defense he's pretty useless.

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I think he's ready to back up

I think he could be a good backup for Mike Conley at some point of next season.

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he still cant shoot... still

he still cant shoot... still think he should've stayed one more yr in school

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2012 Draft

As a Raptors fan I was hoping that we could have slid into the late first last year to get him. I feel like he has all-star qualities in his game if he can get it together and if he does I think he could possibly end up being the second best player from the draft. Of course that is if everything goes right but at the end of the day I feel he will likely be top 10 given his size and play-making abilities at the pg spot.

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He really shouldn't be in the

He really shouldn't be in the rotation but he might be forced into action if the Grizz keep missing on their FA targets.
He's still wild, still plays out of control, has no understanding of pace and he still can't shoot. I thought maybe he could've been another defensive specialist wing off the bench, but I think Jamaal Franklin could fill that role better, even as a rookie.

Maybe he needs a position change because him trying to run an offense is just awful.
He's good at putting his head down, trying to barrel through the defense and make plays, but he's clueless when it comes to distributing the ball and keeping it moving to open up attacking angles.

The Grizz need another guard badly, preferably one who plays like he knows what he's doing and can shoot.

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I don't know if perhaps he is

I don't know if perhaps he is more of a slasher, or creator or I am just missing something here but while watching him against the Cavs tonight you can tell he really needs to work on his jumpshot.

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Even though he and the rest

Even though he and the rest of the Grizzlies shot horribly, I was watching the game and Joerger was being interviewed and said he liked him a lot and said he's pretty much the backup pg. And Wroten had a number of great passes in the game. He was really looking to get his team involved, especially after he started doing horribly shooting wise. His team mates just couldnt make the baskets.

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yea still cant shoot. He has

yea still cant shoot. He has been very inconsistent in summer league and its not like he hasnt been aggressive or taking the game seriously. 5 for 23 overall fg percentage. 0 for 7 in 3pt percentage. Didnt think he was as great a passer people made him out to be in college and now. He averaging 3.5 turnovers to 3 asts in las vegas. He can pass and can score whether he goes to the free throw line or is taking closer shots to the basket, but he needs to be consistent regarding passing and improving his outside shot. fb206 you say he has tools to be an allstar? Why does every athlete that comes into the league and cant get consistent minutes on the big stage still prejudged as having an allstar make up. Prove you can get minutes 1st.

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I wish the Sixers would offer a trade for him. Not sure we have anything the Grizz want, but I'm a huge fan of this kid. Having two huge PG's would be sick, plus his holes would really help us lose games which is goal number one for the 2014 Sixers.

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