Tony Wroten

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Tony Wroten

I know his stats are very low due to the minute's he's received but I've always liked his game. It is very hard to judge a player's potential based off of one season whether they received a good amount of playing time or not. They mainly traded Wayne Ellington and Josh Selby to give Wroten more time but then they signed Keyon Dooling to be the backup PG for the playoffs. I started following him along with the rest of the 2010 U17 Team USA because I thought it was cool watching a bunch of players my age and he made an impact his one year at U-Dub. I know the main reason why he decided to go pro so he could feed his family after he got his girlfriend pregnant, but I don't think him coming out too early should ruin his potential like it did to Xavier Henry and Sebastian Telfair as two examples. The fact that he is a 6'5 PG and he has a good ability to score when he gets a chance. He also put up good numbers when he was sent down to the D-League and I think he does good whenever I see him in the game. Does anybody else see good potential in him?

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