tony parker MVP?

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tony parker MVP?

I know durant and specially lebron are playing really high level of basketball but to me what tony parker is doing with this spurs team is unbelievable...

the spurs are 1st team in the league with a record of 42-12 but the most amazing thing is they are doing it with ginobili playing only 23mpg(and far of his best game) and duncan 30mpg and both missing 13 and 10 games respectively.
the rest of players on this team are: splitter,k.leonard,,de colo,g.neal,blair,diaw and bonner...

parker is averaging 21 pts/7.6 ast/3 rb in less than 33 mpg and with percentages of 53.6 FG%/39.3 3pt%/83 FT%

steve nash was named MVP 2 years in a row with stats that were not very spectacular and though his 1st award was well deserved there are questions about his 2nd trophy. is true that nash made the suns win 31 more games over the previous year but it´s also true that the sun the year before traded their star marbury after only 33 games in exchange of almost nothing..that team was really bad after the trade and besides stoudemire and joe johnson were rookies..

what i´m trying to say is that parker is doing enough merits to earn that MVP trophy and to me it wouldn´t be a surprise if he finally gets it.

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Has Parker been overlooked

Has Parker been overlooked and underrated his entire career? Yes

Will he win MVP? No

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Not a chance. Durant and

Not a chance. Durant and Lebron are having terrific seasons. And obviously if Lebron continues to play at something like this unprecedented and historic pace like he has for the last six games, then it will be arguable that he will have put in the best season long performance in the history of the sport and he will win MVP.

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Not this year.

Not this year.

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Parker MVP? No. Popavich

Parker MVP? No.

Popavich COTY? Without a doubt!

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Parker has been very solid

Parker has been very solid this year, but the MVP of the league I doubt it. This award can easily be given to LeBron, but if they decide to go in another direction, I think Melo and CP3 are more deserving of the MVP. I'm now accustomed to guys on the Spurs having surprising years on the back-end of their careers. Maybe this'll be the year they can break through and go to the finals.

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i got negged for saying

Tony Parker gets my vote for MVP but truth is he's having a career season and probably is the best PG in the game right now. Granted lebron and Durant are having amazing seasons.

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I'm sorry but Tony Parker has

I'm sorry but Tony Parker has no chance of winning MVP. Right now I have him 6th in my MVP list behind LeBron,Durant,Melo,CP3, and Harden.
Even if he is 3rd behind Durant and LeBron there is still no chance of him winning it

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Lebron already won this

Lebron already won this shit...parker has no chance at all..theres like 10 guys ahead of him...u cant be give the mvp to paul george b4 i gave it to parker

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Tony Parker won't win MVP,

Tony Parker won't win MVP, but he's played like the best point guard in the NBA this season. He's a legit 3rd on the MVP list.

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