Todd Mayo?

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Todd Mayo?

Anybody have an idea on how good he an be?

I never noticed he was getting so much attention from major programs(Memphis, West Virginia, Baylor) and i honestly thought he was still in high school. He is playing his 5th year at Notre Dame Prep in Massachusetts(along with Khem Birch, Angel Nunez, and Sam Cassell Jr.

this is what ESPN has on him.

Evaluation from Class of 2010: O.J. is not the only basketball talent in this family. Todd showed tremendous maturity and pace to his game while dispatching highly touted Wheeler High School from Georgia. Todd has a pure stroke from 3 with range out to 24'. He can get his shot off against anyone with his ability to create space. Several times he showed a nice mid-range game when defenders ran at him. He plays like an aged veteran never loosing his cool or having any kind of body language. He was virtually unflappable. At 6-3, 195 he has the size and strength to shoot over defenders on the perimeter or finish with contact in the lane. He consistently got to the free throw line creating body contact like an NBA vet. With his 37 point performance he easily out-dueled Jelan Kendrick from Wheeler (Penny Hardaway Classic), and came into the game having put up 30 several times in the early season. This guy will make some high major program very happy in the late period because he has the ability to step in and help right away.

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His game sounds very similar

His game sounds very similar to his brother's -- calm demeanor, smooth jumper, strong build. I doubt he'll ever be as good as O.J., but it'll be interesting to see how he progresses.

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Jesus Sam Cassell has a kid

Jesus Sam Cassell has a kid thats almost in college??

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