TLands Twolf future

Current roster
PG- Foye ( I like him better at the 2 position because we won much more with him there last year. Should be better next year as last year was coming of a knee injury (hopefully))
- Telfair ( Telfair is Telfair still young and tiny but he has his moments. I still like him from time to time when he has his occasional moments. Has a player option in 10/11 so could be filler in a trade if a team is willing to take his salary.)
- Brown ( Don't know to much about him. I Think he has a hard time cracking the top 12 roster spots this year)
SG- Miller ( Miller had a down year but i think he has some value around the league although most of that is in his expiring contract next year. The wolves could hold on to him and let the contract expire or wait for the right deal to come along but we all know this. I am writing this as of June 10 so alot can happen in 13 months. Anyways i am 99.2% sure he isn't in the wolves long term future.
- Brewer ( Coming off of knee injury isn't easy and brewer is still up in the air as to how effective he can be in the league. Has a team option in 10/11 like telfair so he could be trade filler as well depending on what kahn wants to do in the draft. That unassuming point aside T wolves fans as well as I would like to see brewer succeed and hopefully this is the year he figures it out. And gains a few pounds. He is fast in the open court and i loved the pass from love to him in a game last year it showed the potential for a wolves running team.
SF- Gomes ( The "glue guy" as I have heard him been called before. Contract expires next year. I think he has found a niche here in Sota' but depending once again on what kahn wants to do he could be bait for a bigger shark. I think he will probably be a journey man in the league but he seems like a nice guy and i can't say to much bad about him.
PF- Love (Rookie year seemed pretty good. I would have personally liked mayo, but when building a team you look for help in the future not premadona's. His shooting will get better vastly and once it does he can run the high post / low post with Jefferson. Proved to be a better rebounder than expected and although his potential is limited by height and athletics he is a smart player and probably the most gifted young!!! player since KG on this team. Let me explain. Foye was a junior out of college, Brewer a senior and McCants a junior as well. Love came out his freshman year and has shown he can play with the big boys period. As far as the trade rumors yes he is not untradeable if the right deal comes along but i think he is staying here for now.)
-Smith ( Tuff nosed guy, small contract. Reminds me of that guy we used to have that was called Shaq of the MAC.
- Cardinal (When he came to the Wolves B.Cardinal was one of my least favorite players in the league. With that being said i am on the B.C bandwagon. HAHA!!!!!!
You can't hate a guy with a nice expiring contract that goes out and tries to make a play every time he is on the court he doesn't give a **** and that is cool in my book. If he stays and his contract expires i don't care he can provide vet leadership and if he is traded i hope we get half the heart in return for what he gives.
C- Jefferson (Coming off knee injury... Difficult to say how he will return but i think that who ever is in charge will hold him out until he is ready. (obviously) A proven 20 and 10 or 11 I should say guy. Jefferson can score on anybody and you true T wolves fans know I mean Anybody. Not only that but when That big 4th quarter shot comes along guess who is ready and willing to take it (BIG AL) Hate to put him at the 5 for defensive reasons but we will see what happens in the next year or two at this position. For now he is here.
-Madsen ( Playing days are over looking forward to being a coach or assistant somewhere hopefully. Maybe he plays in Boston for a year and gets another ring. That would be cool.

Free Agents
SG/SF- Carney (I don't think he is coming back. He has some potential but with the "Log jam" at 2/3 positions and the draft its hard to say if they will use the team option on him. Showed some good sings on a loosing team last year but personally i think he is kind of a stiff.
PF/C- S.Williams (Team option again. Could be back, I wasn't really up on his play. I don't really know if they will bring him back at 4+ million for one year or bring in a Vet for cheaper?
C- Collins ( No comments)

1. LAC- Griffin
2.MEM- Rubio (possible trade Sac) ( doubtful)!!
3OKC- Thabeet
#6- We got shafted once again in the lottery!! Derozan or Evans makes the most sense to me but we will see. I have seen on some mock drafts Curry or even Maynor going here. As The wolves do need a True Point Guard nothing is impossible. Derozan i think may be a better pro than a college player and that is not the first time that has happened. Evans was ok in college but with his body type and ball skills he is in the same catergory as Derozan. I think Kahn should try and take the best fit for the team as this team needs not potential with the #6 pick but the best fit. With that being said Derozan or Evans is the pick. (In my mind)
#18-Interesting situation. To my mind Mullens would be the clear pick. If he is still there. Mchale Will Probably be a consultant or assistant coach or maybe even coach who knows now. If we can nab Mullens who better than one of the best all time post players (McHale) who has taught KG, Big AL, Somewhat Love and maybe Mullens its a perfect senerio. That is my clear cut wish.
#18(2) A PG that would fall to us or a deffensive SF to give backup on brewer. Once again the T wolves could go PG and suprise us all on draft day by taking a PG at #6 Terrence Williams is a name i am becoming familiar with at this pick as well as many PG that may fall or rise.
#28 (NO IDEA)

Please Comment!!!!!!!!!!!!My fellow wolves fans!!)

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we need to get rid of miller

we need to get rid of miller he is declining too fast he had an awful year last year,,i really like gomes and smith solid players,,,get rid of carney and williams they dont do anything,,,and with the draft i would take jennings at 6,,but no way would i take mullens at number 18,,,that dude didnt even start for ohio state that would be terrible if we took him,,,,

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The good point for Wolves is

The good point for Wolves is that McHale is no more in charge. Every trade he made on draft days was bad if not horrible : Allen for Marbury (future hall of famer for a selfish player), Roy for Foye (a Franchise player for a good player), Mayo for Love (a great scorer for a PF knowing that the best player of Wolves is... a PF), Chalmers for nothing... I don't know Kahn but honestly he can't do worst.

The team needs a point guard and a defensive center. There are a lot of PGs in this Draft so they will surely take one. I'll choose one with the 6th pick but not with ths other picks. Telfair is a decent PG for backup, Bobby Brown too so a starting point guard is needed. Curry or Evans should be fine. If they don't take a PG with this pick, they should try to hit a free agent, Andre Miller (good vet who can bring experience) or Ramon Sessions (Good youing who will be part of the building process) for exemple.

A defensive big is hard to find in this Draft. Thabeet should be gone at 6, and there are no other viable solution (Mullens ? not a good defender from what i heard) and not sure they can trade for him (decent 7-3 players are rare). So once again Free Agency or wait for the next draft, the team is not in a hurry.

With the other picks they can take anyone, in all case they'll have to trade some picks (5 picks with 4 places in the roster).

Roster :
To keep absolutely : AJ (Franchise player), Foye (decent back-up option), Gomes (hard working player, versatile)
To keep but "tradable" : Brewer (Good defender but still has to improve), Love (Interesting Player but same register as Big Al, he should work his 3-point shoot as in college to prove me wrong), Telfair (Good PG but too inconsistent to start)
Tradable : Miller (on decline), Brown (3rd option at PG), Cardinal (on decline but good pro who can provide experience), Smith (like him but enough PFs)
Untradable because no teams wants him : Madsen

I don't think they'll resign any of Free agents. Collins played only because he was the only 7 footer, Williams came because of Al injury and don't have his place here, Oolie did a good job as vet but it's time to find a better PG. Maybe Carney could be resigned but if they draft DeRozan for exemple, same type of player but potentially better, he won't.

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Everyone can agree that we need a PG. One who can take advantage of playing inside out style ball. Teams well throw a lot of doubles on Al Jefferson. This tells me Curry would be a great pic; he can score in bunches, streaky, effortless shot, however way too small, to skinny, not a defensive player.
It seems almost everyone can agree on the 1st 5 Griffin, Rubio, Thabeet, Harden, and Hill, and/or Jennings.
The decision comes down to can we get a good Pro PG at number 18? If were confident that Teague, Flynn, Maynor, etc well be available at 18 we have to take Derozan, or Harden,(If they fall)
I'm hoping for Harden, throw our pick and Miller to Sac or Wash perhaps (Just throwing it out there)
Then get Maynor or Flynn that would be great for me.
You can't expect us to turn it all the way around through one draft, I'm hoping for two solid players for the next 5-8 years.

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one correction, gomes has a

one correction, gomes has a deal for like 3 more years, I believe. He and Al are the only guys under contract past next year, which puts us in a powerful position... we only have like 16 mill locked up (before the guaranteed rookie deals we'll have after the draft, and any FA this summer)

That's like ~30 million in salaray cap at this point after 09-10

I thnk we should try and make our 3 firsts and 2 seconds into 2 quality picks... whether it's jumping to the top 5 or moving up to get a 2nd pick in the lottery....

I'm not a proponent of signing Carney unless it's for under 3 mill or for just one year. I think he's decent but I think that guys like him are dime a dozen... we could find a guy with his athleticism in the DLeague for much cheaper.

My Ideal draft would be:

6. Jennings
18. Terrence Williams
28. Taj Gibson
2nd: Danny Green
2nd AJ Price

That'd give us:

Jefferson, Gomes, Jennings, Williams, and Gibson and 2nd rounders under contract.... after next year.... we'd have like 30 million in cap room and a probable lottery pick (greg monroe? cole aldrich?).... after that draft, we'd have probably realistically ~20 million in cap room. We should sign ONE of those big names that will be available that summer, if anyone will come here and then resign Love and Foye under the larry bird rights...

Bigs: Jefferson, Love, Gibson, Monroe,
Wings: Williams, Foye, Gomes, FA? (2nd rounder... Danny Green?)
PGs: Jennings, FA?, (2nd rounder...AJ Price?)

I think that'd be a solid nucleus...

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Great Look Trav27

It seems almost everyone can agree on the 1st 5 Griffin, Rubio, Thabeet, Harden, and Hill, and/or Jennings.
This says it all, if you can't get Jennings then Harden or any of the other five. I also think who ever gets Clark we should trade with for like Miller 18 some of the picks. Next years pics or money. Clark could start for Mini kind of like Portland where Nicolas Batum shoots a couple three's and if he misses he's taken out and if gets them in he stays in. It takes all the pressure off Brewer. This way Brewer can get 30mins a game.

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Why not Trades?

Depending on what is available at 6th pick. If they go with Dorzan then they'll need to use their 18 pick on a pg (Teague, Maynor, Holiday) and make a trade for a center with their 28th. I would like a trade here with the Clippers and giving them B. Cardinal ( to make the money right) for Kaman since the Clips will be loaded at the Bigs.

They need to upgrade and keep the team young, looking to make an impact in the next 2-3 years. Don't take A. Miller, too old and can't shoot from deep. Don't get me wrong here, he's a true point guard but the wolves don't need an old guy here.

I like Miller, I don't know why people prefer Foye over Miller. I would like one of the following two line ups for the future.

C - Thabeet
PF - Jefferson
SF - Gomes
SG - Miller
PG - Jennings
6th man - Foye
Back ups - Telfair, Brewer, Cardney and Smith, International player drafted last year, 18 pick(Clark if available or Hansbrough).
2nd round draft - AJ price and Taj Gibson

Love and 28 pick gone via Trade to get Thabeet


C - Kaman
PF - Jefferson
SF - Gomes
SG - Derozan
PG - Hinrich -(Trade Miller for Hinrich)
6th man - Foye/Love
Back ups - Telfair, Brewer, Cardney, Smith, 18pick(Teague, Maynor, Holiday), International player drafterd last year
2nd round - AJ Price and Taj Gibson

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