Titleist MB 712 Irons was promising next golf superstar

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Titleist MB 712 Irons was promising next golf superstar

From the promising next golf superstar to the real one, the year 2012 has witnessed McIlroy's efforts, development and victory. Rory McIlroy has enjoyed a golden year which saw him play a key role in Europe's dramatic Ryder Cup victory, as well as [url=]golf clubs for sale[/url] triumphing at the US PGA Championship and becoming the world's top-ranked player.

[url=]Titleist 913 D3 Driver[/url] and MB 712 Irons play important role in his 2012 golf games, which has accompanied him in the Deutsche Bank Championship, PGA Tour and BMW Championship. Rory said he really liked the look and feel of the new Titleist MB 712 Irons. The Project X 7.0 shafts only gave him more confidence, resulting in a stronger ball flight with slightly reduced spin.

Staying true to its heritage of crafting high performance clubs for serious golfers, Titleist introduces new [url=]Titleist CB 712 Irons[/url] and MB irons featuring improved looks, feel and performance. Based on player feedback, the sole of the new MB has been improved, with trailing edge and heel relief for reduced resistance through the turf.

With the [url=]Titleist MB 712 Irons[/url] the shaping the ball is great. The feedback from each shot is definitely noticeable. What really impressed me was the turf interaction. These clubs slice through the turf like butter. The new MB sole is great for players with a shallow angle of attack who tend to pick the ball off the turf.

The faceted surface on the back of the 712 MB clubheads is larger in the heel and toe, adding more mass behind the impact area for the traditional feel expected from a blade iron. A thin, but soft top-line and rounder profile create a traditional but contemporary look, whilst a minimal progressive offset improves the set-up appeareance and improves control.

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