Tim Hardaway Jr

ok, i was arguing with my brother about this, but where do you guys think hardaway jr will land? and how good do you think he can be in the nba? from what ive heard he's really been impressing scouts. i think he can be a solid rotation player in the nba, and my brother think's he'll be out of the league within a short period of time (for the record he went to michigan state.. there might be some bias..)

what do you guys think about him?

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I can't say what exactly

I can't say what exactly impresses me about him, but I think he seems to not have a lot of holes. I might be just insane about this, but I think he'll be better than McLemore. Something about his demeanor just screams, "I'm going to be a really good NBA player". Kind of similar to how I felt about Jimmy Butler before he was drafted.

I will be very surprised if he gets past the Jazz at 21.

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I could see him going

I could see him going anywhere between 15-35, but that's how I feel about most prospects in this draft, it's really a hard one to peg at this point. He's a good athlete but I never saw an elite first step. Good shooter but not a great shooter. One thing that I believe will keep him in the league is a his defense with a combination of length and competitive nature.

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Every time I watched him play

Every time I watched him play he was absolutely terrible (Ohio State, Indiana, VCU and on in the tournament) with the exception of VCU, so based off of what I've seen he can't play against top level competition, so based off of what I've seen I don't think he'll stick. But I'm aware of the fact that he put together a decent season overall so I could very well be wrong.

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I think when he and Brandon

I think when he and Brandon Paul match up that Brandon Paul looks better than THJ. Tim just benefitted from having Burke at point. Whereas Paul was forced into the point guard position because his head coach couldnt recruit another point guard

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I think Boston gives him a

I think Boston gives him a really hard look at 16, but I think he opens up around 15 and will be off the board by 25.

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i agree, he's just to big and

i agree, he's just to big and too talented to fall to the second round.. especially in this draft.

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